5 self help books that everyone should read

1. Zero to one

If you are one who loves entrepreneurship or want to start a business, this book is must read. Written by Peter Thiel and Blake Masters, it is considered as one of the best self- help books for entrepreneurs. Peter conveys some valuable tips for startups through this book. Things like how to create a startup, how to create a vision for your startup are conveyed beautifully. Main motive of this book is to explain importance of monopoly and innovation to new entrepreneurs, Copying business ideas is never a good idea. All the tips given in this book are practical not philosophical. Page count of this book is 224 and it is available on every other online store.

2. Start with why

This is a book on leadership written by Simon Sinek. If you are the person who aims to become a good leader in life, this book is for you. This books explains mindset to become a great leader, how great leaders inspires people. This book is for anyone who wants to inspire others, or to be inspired. Simon tells things that makes a person great leader, like generally when people takes decision, they goes WHAT ( what decision ), HOW( how to fulfill it ) ,WHY( why I should take this decision ). But according to Simon this should be opposite. It should go WHY, HOW , WHAT. Everyone should read this as having good leadership is always a plus point. Page count of this book is 255 and it is available on almost every big online store.

3. The culture code

This book is one of the best work done on team work. It is written by Daniel Coyle. This book explains how to create great cultures, how to create groups, how to get work done in teams. Daniel suggests three core skills required to build and sustain great cultures. He also represented vivid case studies of groups ranging from armies to comedy groups. This books taught how to be successful with team. This self help book is applicable in every aspect of life, so its a must read. This book has 304 pages and available online.

4. How I raised myself from failure to success in selling

For anyone who’s into the business of selling, this book by Frank Bettger is a great read. In this book  Frank Bettger reveals the secrets to building and maintaining solid client relationships that will carry you to ultimate sales success. 7 step guide from pre-sale to closing sale is given in this book. Frank shares step by step guidelines on how to develop the style, spirit, and presence of a winning salesperson. This book maybe from 1947, but techniques mentioned are universal in nature and can be used in any era. Page count of this book is 192 and available online.

5. The starbucks experience

This book by Joseph A. Michelli talks about hospitality. Joseph mentions 5 principles in this book with the help of which one can convert an ordinary company into an extra ordinary company. The journey of starbucks is used as a reference. Those who are working in service industry or want to join should read this book for sure. The 5 principles mentioned can change any company only with the help of hospitality. This book contains 224 pages and available online.

These 5 books are life changing books and everyone should read them once in their life.