Battling With Procrastination

Have you ever delayed your homework till the last minute? Or rather studied for a test just a day before? All of us will be guilty of delaying our work till a later date. This is essentially, procrastinating. It is the habit of delaying a task until a later date. The habit of procrastinating is one of the worst habit in a person.

The word Procrastination is derived from the Latin word “procrastinare”; “pro” meaning forward and the suffix “crastinus” meaning till next day.

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The main question that arise is, “Why Do We Procrastinate?” The answers to this question can vary. One of the main reason for procrastinating an important work is distractions caused by Internet in today’s world. The Internet, which was earlier, considered to be a man’s greatest invention is now, deemed to be man’s major distraction. In today’s world, social media seems to rob students off their precious study time. Students spend all their valuable time on social media, rather than, devoting that time for study.

Another main cause of procrastination is the fear of failure. It is in human nature to avoid and fear failure, which often leads us to avoid finishing the work and hence, also avoiding the consequences too. Lack of motivation can also result in oneself procrastinating their work. At times, a student may feel to do something else or nothing at all, which can be because of the loss of interest in that task. Sometimes, having no clue on how to start a particular task, also leads to delaying it till some kind of inspiration strikes the person.

Every day spent Procrastinating is another day spent worrying about that thing. Do it now, and move on with your life.

How to Stop Procrastinating?

As we have, now, acknowledge the main causes of procrastinating, let’s move on to the ways in which one can deal with procrastinating and also to put an end to it.

One major way to stop delaying the task is to divide that activity into smaller steps. If the task is too long, we tend to procrastinate it further and further, so to avoid it, try to break down the task into smaller steps. By doing so, one will be able to tackle one step at a time, which will lead to completion of the task in less time than delaying it every time.

Sometimes, changing the work atmosphere can also be helpful. It can help oneself to boost one’s energy and that can be helpful to stop delaying the activity.

One can also ask their friends to review their work’s progress. In this way, one’s motivation levels will be high and also, it will encourages oneself to complete their work on time.

Sometimes, drawing a timetable also helps, as long as the person is strong willed to follow it. Also, one can switch off all the possible distractions, like the Internet, Television and just focus on the completion of their task.

It is, sometimes, good to hear motivational speeches or stories of great people as they helps the victim of procrastination to get motivated and complete their tasks on time.

One important thing to remember is that one should not over-focus or blame themselves for procrastinating. We all tend to suffer from procrastination time-to-time but as long as we don’t disturb our entire schedule, just take a little break and then, again get yourself back to work.