How do I build a profile to get an admission in TOP MBA schools?

There are a lot of ways to approach this question, so I’ll start by suggesting research.

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Thousands of professionals applying for top MBA universities each year. But couple of them got chance to enter in their Dream University. People now a days are Judging person from their LinkedIn profile Because Education and literacy is first priority that people likes to judge. linkedIn is on trending amongst Social media Platforms. As a MBA aspirant I also saw lots of MBA graduate profiles during my career days. When I see one fellow who have did MBA from Top MBA University, I always used to check their Profile, Education background, Internships, etc. I saw some Pattern in their career that I wants to share with you all. And might be you will get clear idea What exactly you wants to do to reach at your Golden Door.


Entrance exam is playing most important role to get admission in top B-school. Each and every university have their own cut off and that is first challenge to pass first checkpoint.

2. Communication Skills:

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You should have strong command on communication skill. After all during and after MBA you are going to attend and giving lots of business meeting. So, you should focus on both verbal and written communication skills before you apply for any top schools.

3. Know previous/current student’s Profile:

Try to find students who are already get admitted in your top listed collge. Try to compare thier profile with you and find out gap between that. Don’t worry…..a lot difference you can expect . But that is just starting, You have to reach their.

4. Start Business: 

If you are working profession, then then it is an added benefit to start business and show in MBA profile.

5. Internship/Recommendation Letters:

Do you have any work experience / internship experience? Recommendation is another way to improve your profile. It adds more value by showing the best recommendation face of yours from others. So, don’t forget getting such important letters. You can do the following during you education.

  • Get internship experience
  • Participate in relevant conferences
  • Be Active on Social Media
  • Be Very Active on MBA Forums, Business Forums

You can find some internships from internshala

6. Leadership roles – initiatives and responsibilities:

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This is an important skill now a days which companies wants in their employees. Great interpersonal skill can give rapid growth in anyone’s career. Try to get some Leadership roles, you can join some NGO‘s, Organization where you can develop your leadership qualities.

7. Work Experience:

A Candidate with work experience is always preferable instead of fresher because of his/her understanding of the business and market requirements. If you are investing whole time to prepare for entrance exam, People strongly recommend to gain some experience instead of that.

8. Attend Conferences:

Start to attending conferences related to your field and interest, So you can learn how the industry works, what is new in the market, etc. Attending such conferences will enhance your networking where you can get to interact with successful speakers and masters of the trade. Attending conferences will impart clarity regarding the MBA course you want to pursue

– Thank You & All he Very Best.

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