Neurodiversity was first coined by Judy Singer, a sociologist in late 1990’s. The term is used to imply that people with these conditions aren’t disabled but rather different.

People having ADHD, dyslexia, autism and many others come under this category. The social stigma against these individuals isn’t a secret from anyone. A common misconception for ages has been that these people need to be ‘cured’ or they are not normal like others. However this is a wrong approach about this topic.

Instead of trying to remove this so called condition, the society needs to embrace it.

Research have shown that many people under this spectrum have higher than average skills. So, why is it looked down upon?

It is because those affected by it often fail to meet the normal criteria of society. They aren’t as outgoing or outspoken or confident even. They have difficulty standing up in front of a huge audience and speaking. They have difficulty making eye contact. They have difficulty staying still. Sometimes they even have sudden outburst of emotions, or a tic which may seem unusual to others.

Needless to say they have it hard when trying to fit into the society. In adulthood such people may ace their exams but when it comes to interviews they may fall short.

Does it mean they lack skills? No.

Quite the contrary as mentioned above, but since they somehow fail to fit in the parameters required by recruiters they are forced to think they simply aren’t enough.

Do you know that around eighteen million Indians fall under this spectrum? And barely a few of them are diagnosed. Majority of them don’t even know that there is a justified reason for their actions.

Times are changing now and hence more and more people are becoming aware of it. It is still not enough. We need more companies to do profiling separately for such individuals. More and more people needs to become aware of this fact so they could stop self-loathing and their family and friends need to understand that this isn’t something alarming.

Acceptance should be the first step in this. Then comes defining various methods at home as well as schools to teach such kids to discover their passion and help boost their self-esteem. Different learning strategies should be used to help make them comfortable and provide equal opportunities.

Rather than the common notion that solid communication skills, team player and leadership are key factors in getting hired, companies should also focus on the ability of innovation.

People who see things differently prove to be a huge asset to any kind of firm and in the long run would prove to be just as if not more efficient than the standard people.

A lot of talent has been missed over the past few years because of the standard practices but its about time everyone brought changes to their techniques.

Remember being different isn’t something to be ashamed of. Hold your head high if you are one of them and show others what you are capable of.

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