Quality of Education during pandemic

Online teaching is the new norm amid Covid 19 pandemic. Schools and colleges all over the country are utilising different platforms to impart the knowledge to their students. Be it Google classroom, Zoom or Udemy, educational institutions are leaving no stone unturned to ensure the quality teaching.

Now while it maybe a whole new and exciting experience but is it really enough to impart the sufficient learning to students?

The answer is NO.

Nothing beats the good old fashioned method of traditional teaching. For starters, the atmosphere is completely different for offline and online study. In classrooms you are supposed to dress accordingly and maintain a decorum as there are consequences to your actions while in live classes you can dress however you want and it’s hard for a teacher to notice the minute action of every single student through screen.

Discipline and concentration level have reduced considerably among the students. Being at home automatically puts one at ease and hence lack of pressure decreases the motivation needed to focus on learning.

A lot of students don’t make notes like they used to or complete their exercises as they are well aware that their teachers can’t check each and everyone’s corresponding textbooks. It leads to decrease of practice which in turn can cause grades to drop during the exams.

An ample number of students just sit through for the attendance with no real inspiration to study. Even the overall percentage of students attending the online classes are very less compared to the offline classes.

Another big disadvantage is that students can no longer engage in any extra curricular activities to sharpen their skills. Education is not just about academic learning but exercising brain through debates, sports, painting and other competitions.

With nowhere useful to apply their minds to kids turn to gaming and watching shows to keep themselves occupied hence leading to deterioration of their abilities.

And to top it all off not everyone is blessed with a sustainable internet connection or have the luxury to afford laptops or smartphones or proper medium required for studying especially if they are based in rural or sub urban area.

There is no confirming when the country will go back to normal and hence important measures should be taken to ensure that the education system is in a better condition.

  • Necessary arrangements should be made by the school/college authorities or the government itself for students who don’t have proper electronic devices.
  • Teachers should make sure to hold quizzes and competitions atleast once a week so that students can stay engaged with the curriculum.
  • Institutions should make particular percentage of attendance necessary so that students will attend classes regularly. If they fail to meet the number, severe consequences should be there unless it’s a medical leave.

In a recent survey it was stated that online teaching has improved vastly over past six months so needless to say the required changes have been made to make sure that the students requirements are met properly.

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