“Bores” By E.V.Lucas

  1. Introduction
  2. The Egotism
  3. Central figure
  4. Kindness of listeners
  5. Button holding bore
  6. Bore’s Principle
  7. Indirect hints
  8. Conclusion


Edward Verrall Lucas was English Humorist, Essayist, Playwright, Biographer, Publisher, Poet, Novelist, Short story writer and Editor. He achieved success as a author of non-fiction and novels.

In the essay Bores, Lucas deals with the quality of Bores. He feels that everybody in this world is a bore in one or other way. The greatest bore thinks himself to be the most pleasant man. the remedy is possible only with the help of media.

The egotism

He begins the essay by saying that one needs a sense of superiority, assurance and self-confidence to write about bore. The true bore is always unconscious of his boorishness. Lucas say, he fears about the bores always says a friend joke or idea many times. He also says the egotism is the foundation of all bores.

Central figure

Lucas says that a bore considers himself as a central figure and always talks about himself. He always discourse about himself, his wife, his children and his health. He also says that how bores advice people whom had never invited them to advice. Lucas says the bores has always something new to discover upon himself, his ancestry and his troubles.

Kindness of Listeners

Lucas says that the bores are always happy because they have an audience to listen their boredom. The question of Tragedy is ‘How do bore find Listeners?” The answer is because the audience have kindness of human nature. Few men are strong enough to say,

“For Heaven’s sake, go away ,

you weary me”

Avoid the Bores

Bores make cowards of all and we are left either to listen and endure. He says that always he tries his best level to get rid of the bores. He says that when he see a bore, he runs away from his sight. He says that he also used the paper boy to engage him with false telephonic calls.

Lucas says that it is not bad to cheat a bore, cheating for a good cause is not a bad thing. He also says,

“The crafty men and the busy men are seldom bore”.

Button holding Bores

Of all the bores, the most repellant specimen is the button holding bore. The Button holding bore is ‘ The man who spreads Birdlime all over you’. It is worst when they fix your eyes and the bore tells a funny stiry but it is not a really funny one. But, they expect us to smile for their boring joke or story.

Bore’s principles

Lucas also says another type os bores that is, the bore says the principle, ‘Live and Let Live’. But they wouldn’t let you have your own way. They do n’t stop even though we tell them that we have already heared a particular story.

Indirect hints

The bores are not be shaken off just by gesture or the indirect hints. The only way to get rid of the bores is to tell him frankly that he is a Nuisance. No bore ever says, after many hints they got, “I’ll avoid that man in future; and I know I bore him”.


Certain humourous weeklies publish bore topics, these serve as an inspiration to bores. Unless these weekly papers stop publication, bores are bound to flourish. These are the views of Lucas on Bores.

Hope, I wrote this article about bores without making you bore. Lol!