Cheapest places to live in the world

Are you among those who are tired of the meticulous 9-5 routine? Have you always dreamed of travelling or living abroad but didn’t have the luxury to afford it?

If the answer is yes, then worry not because you can still do all of it.

Usually when it to comes to traveling abroad people think of countries like USA, France, U.K, Canada. While these places are big tourist hotspots, they are also very expensive and unless you belong to upper rich class your budget could take a big blow in doing that.

Does this mean that you should give up on your dreams? No.

You can still have adventures and explore different culture and places at very cheap rate.

Here are five countries you can settle down in.

  • South Korea:

Kdrama and K-pop lovers will surely be spotting a huge grin on their faces at seeing this name.

The most obvious job choice here is teaching English. The demand of English tutors is very high and if you have strong grasp of this knowledge with a degree then you can definitely make it here.

Cost of living may not be as cheap as south asian countries but it’s still lot cheaper. Rent may range from 350-380$ and you could even get free accommodation if you are registered in some program here.

  • Vietnam:

This is a dream come true for people who like exotic places to explore. Breathtaking landscapes and mouth watering foods are enough temptation for foreigners.

Again teaching English is the most popular job choice here. The cost of living may vary from the city like Hanoi to common ones. More expensive the city more pay you can expect as well.

Salary of English teachers is considerably higher than its neighboring countries at 1200$ and the rent price may range from 220-250$.

  • Thailand:

There is a reason why it’s a popular tourist attraction. Living cost is cheap even in cities like Bangkok where rent may go as low as 140-160$ a month.

Teaching English and Hospitality are two common jobs. From the exotic culture to delicious food to clear water it isn’t too shabby to look at either. It is also one of the safest places to live.

  • Bulgaria:

If you want to travel or live in Europe but don’t have the money to spare for countries like Italy, France etc then Bulgaria is the right choice for you.

It’s enriching history and stunning landscapes are sure to pull you in. At the rent cost as low as 220-250$ it is a sure attraction for a lot of people.

Teaching English and tourism will get you well set here.

  • Mexico:

Visiting American continents has always been appealing to millions across the globe and this country might just fulfil your wish.

From Caribbean waters to jungle to street foods it sure has a lot to offer.

Renting cost may range from 250-450$ which is hell lot of cheaper when compared to USA and Canada. Tourism, sales and teaching English would help you in settle in.

So what are you waiting for? Life is too short to play it safe so go out there and make your dreams happen.

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