Child Labour.

Children are always compared to flowers and butterflies because of their common virtues like innocence, freshness and tension free lifestyle.They are the future pillars of the Nation.However,across the world,millions of children are forced to do extremely hazardous work in harmful conditions.Child labour is the employment of children as wage-earners.We should take necessary steps to eradicate this evil.

Children are put into a mechanical way of life.Many of them in hazardous jobs are in danger of injury.They are affected physically as well as mentally because of their full-time work at a very early age, excessive working hours and no access to education.They fail to enjoy the real happiness of the nature.As the child labourers are away from the care of the parents,they long for love and affection.Instead off carrying school bags and playing with toys,they are forced to pic sacks and collect wastes.

The International Labour organization estimated that there were 218 million working children aged between 5 and 17 in 2006.Asia alone accounts for nearly 61% of child labour.Their work includes taking care of animals, agriculture,auto repair,making products such as matches, fireworks, glasswares,making of footwear and textile.Many girls works as servant maids.

Childhood is the time to play,to learn,to grow;the time when all the children should have the chance to develop their potential and nurture bright plans for their future.Government should pay more attention to eradicate child labour by enforcing laws to protect children,and provide them pleasent childhood.It is everybody’s responsibility to save children.The public can also help in reducing child labour by supporting organisations that are creating awareness and providing direct help to individual children.

“Children need love, especially when they do not deserve it.”