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The complete series of Harry Potter will be the best choice. Most importantly, it is a perfect book for kids to read. Here is a crispy review on Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone, the first book in the series. Read the story plot and get to know about the important characters in the book.


Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone is the first book in the Harry Potter series written by J.K Rowling. The book won many awards in both US and UK. It reached the best-selling fictional novel in 1999 . The book was translated into 73 other languages and a feature-length movie was also taken in the same name. The following Harry Potter series also reached similar heights in the field of book publications.


Joanne Rowling is well-known as J.K Rowling. She has one another pen name called Robert Galbraith. She is a British Novelist, born on 31st July 1956. J. K Rowling has a great transformation in her life from rags to riches with her debut book Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Soon with her other writing works, she became the first billionaire author in the world, but gave away her billionaire status and became a philanthropist by granting much of her earning to charity. J. K Rowling is not only a novelist, but she is also a Film producer, Television Producer and screenwriter.


Harry Potter: The hero of the story, who is considered as powerful and became famous at the age of one itself, but he got to know about himself as a wizard at the age of eleven only. He is the son of a famous wizard couple James Potter and Lilly Potter, who were murdered by Voldemort.

Lord Voldemort The Villain of the story. A powerful wizard wished to be the only leader of the wizard community and expertise in dark magic. He killed those who stood against him. This threatened the whole wizard world, they even scared to tell his name. So, he was often known as ” You Know Who”. He killed Harry’s parents too. He lost much of his powers when he attempted to kill Harry, who was only one year old then. The only person, not afraid of Voldemort was Albus Dumbledore.

Albus Dumbledore: The Principal of Hogwarts Wizard School. A powerful person in the story, who guides and saved Harry whenever he is in a dilemma or in danger.

Harry’s friends: Harry’s best friends at Hogwarts school are Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, who stood by his side in all his ups and downs. They were brilliant enough in solving mysteries.

Professors: Hogwarts school’s Professor McGonagall, Professor Snape, Professor Quirrell and Professor Filch also played a vital role in the story.

Hagrid: There is a separate chapter for Rubeus Hagrid in this book. He was a key keeper at Hogwarts, but his character played an important role in carrying forward the story. Whenever Harry and friends stuck up in solving the mystery, Hagrid gave the hint to go ahead, even without his knowledge.

Dursley family: The story began and ended with the names of Dursleys, Though they were not related to Hogwarts, they were closely related to Harry Potter and his early life.


The story revolves around the orphan Harry James Potter, the discovery of his secret magical powers and the role he plays in the safety of the hidden world of witchcraft and wizards.
He started to grow up in his aunt’s family, who were so mean to him and so, he was never allowed to question anything about his parents too. At the age of eleven, after being raised in the miserably unfair home of his Uncle Vernon Dursley, Harry practically begins life anew when he discovers that he is a wizard and is invited to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Among Harry’s first-year adventures are making new friends (Hagrid, Ron and Hermione), standing up to the torments of school bully Draco Malfoy, and becoming the star player of his Quidditch team (the favored sport in the magical world). Harry’s life as a Hogwarts “first-year” is more interesting than that of most attendees, because he is already famous for surviving the attack of the evil Lord Voldemort, who tried to kill him as an infant. 
Everyone in the wizard world knows more about Harry’s family and his story than he himself does.

The story took its fantasy and serious part from there. Harry Potter and his friends got clues about something precious, hidden inside the school campus, which was protected with several firewalls, still had the chance of falling into the hands of negative people. So, Harry Potter and his friends risk their lives to safeguard it. What is the precious thing? Who tries to snatch it from a safe place? How does Harry Potter save it from the hands of the wrong people? These are the main part of the story.


This first book – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – introduces you to this magical world for the first time, and it does so in a smooth and comfortable fashion, introducing both you and Harry to strange wonders never yet experienced. This makes the transition into the world of magic an easy and pleasant experience. 
Rowling has built a strong and multi-layered world with immense amounts of detail, yet it is written in such a way that it doesn’t feel tedious or as though you are being fed all the information at once, as is the case with many fantasy novels. Through Harry’s eyes, you encounter wands, monsters and spells with their magical properties, purposes and history laid out in small, easily consumable chunks. This means that the book never ceases to envelope you in its world or characters, whereas many epic fantasies have a habit of pulling you aside in a rather obvious fashion and indulging in the rather fruitless exercise of explaining every newly encountered item.

All the characters, teachers, students and bad guys alike have truly believable personalities, eccentricities and flaws, which, more often than not, helps to make them the truly lovable and long-standing characters that they have gone on to become. These friendships and relationships drive the book forward, providing comical respite and emotional engagement along the way.
The story builds toward the exciting conclusion that has the ultimate feel-good factor.

Fantasy lovers must read this book.
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