Indian Education System – Sad Truth

Experience is not what happens to a man.
It is what a man does with what happens to him.”
 —Aldous Huxley

I was the average student in my college. I never participate in any other acticities like culture, sports, quiz, competition, etc. Just come at college, attend all boring lectures and go home with empty mind. I spend almost 6 years of my life to do this bullshit thing.

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But there is one thing which I always do during my education which is Skill Developement.

Always Keep in your mind that you always been judged by your skills not on your institute, Acadamics, Scores, Certifications, Not even how smart you are. You always been judge on your skills. Lots of Professions have high certified Degree now a days but they do not have enough skills that will useful for particular position. If someone have better experience than yours then definitely that person will get hired instead of you.

This Generation is well educated previous. Previously people rarely spend money to take degree. But thay alwasy try to grab new skills, ideas, adapt new approch, etc.But now a days, students only struggles for degree, not for skiils which is important in real field. Even they are focusing to persue eduvation just because there parents force them to do that. Some guys are doing so hard word work for education but still because of old syllabus they are not gaining relavant skills which is applicable for current industry.

That is just a wasting of time and money. some parents gives direction to their kids because they know the real situation, but what about others whi do not have educated parents. What they will do ? what is future of them ?

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Half of our lives are spent learning things by rote. Not one student in class knows the real concept. Everyone is in this weird rat race of getting marks that we fail to appreciate the beauty of conceptual learning. So much time and energy is wasted in copying code on paper, that students fail to learn how to write code on their own. As such, when they face job interviews, they’re a total failure when they’re asked to write code on their own. Education in india -a degree orianted (not job oriented) system

The education system of India has evolved and slowly formed throughout the ancient, medieval and colonial periods. The governments, rulers and society of these periods have influenced the education system and made the modern education system to a certain extent.

Does schools in India really provides enlightening experience?

Answer is big NO.

Parents want top ranks.

Teachers want salary.

Schools want money.

Students will be suffered at the end. Sad thing is, after completing all studies many students realise that they don’t know anything that is the reality. Even cracking interviews, during some starting duration in office they feels like whatever we learn in universities is gone, now softwares are being used in industies and we even do not heard about it.

This issue is a very big one and cannot be solved in a day. But can’t we take small steps so as to reach the results, atleast in a few decades?