First interview in life

Before entering in interview session we can never imagine what kind of questions interviewer going to ask us.

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Same like typical candidate I always used to prepare technical questions before going for interview. after my graduation I already taught my friends to give your reference to their companies. I was totally tension free, i never take tension of whether i will get job or not and when will get job.

Just because of this reason each and every early interview after graduation i have gave without taking any tension. My first interview was technical interview in huge organization. interviewer ask me easiest question (for me it was easy one) to me and i never feel like it is interview question because I expect difficult questions for me. At the end of interview interviewer ask me. ‘Are you looking for further studies??. Quickly I said ‘Yes’ I am going to do MBA after 2 years.

I did not selected at that time. I was feeling so bad and frustrating. because I had gave each and every answer correct with confidence. I ask to my older brother why they do not select me? I said “You should never said about your future planning or further studies. Why they will select you if you are going to do MBA after 2 years ?? Employers always give priority to long lasting employees which can work for them for many years.

At that time I decided to list out points that I will never discussed during my interviews. following points that I have list out.

“What’s included in the benefits package?”

“Interviews make me really nervous.” (The interviewer wants to hire someone confident in his or her abilities, and will probably notice it for themselves if you’re nervous. They’ll also appreciate if you work through it courageously, rather than wasting time calling attention to your own anxiety.)

“This schedule doesn’t really work for me. Can it be changed?” (Don’t ask for anything

I don’t have childcare lined up, but I’m working on it.” (You don’t want to give the interviewer any reason to think that you won’t have the availability that’s needed by the company.)

“I really need this job.” (You don’t want to come across as desperate.)

“When do I get a vacation?” (Don’t ask about benefits until you’re offered the job.)

“My current employer is awful.” (Are you going to say that about the new company?)

I know I don’t have much experience, But…”

This mistake is easy to make, especially if you’re a recent grad or career changer. Problem is, when you apologize for experience you don’t have, you’re essentially saying that you’re not a great hire, that you’re not quite the right fit for the role, or even that you would be starting from square one. And that’s just not the case! Instead of drawing attention to your weaknesses, stay positive, focus on your strengths, and immediately launch into your transferable skills and infectious enthusiasm for the position. Here are a few better phrases to try instead.

As per my knowledge this much points no one should say or discuss during interview round.

Thank you.