Mahatma Gandhi is a name that is recognized not only by every Indian but also by millions of others in most parts of the world .Gandhi was the face of the indian struggle for independence against more than two hundred years of British colonization and he is known as the father of nation .At another deeper level, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was one of our civilization for most proponents of active and applied spirituality. At the heart of Gandhi’s philosophy lies the notion of satyagraha a term that he coined bringing two sanskrit words together Sathya(Truth) and Agraha (Insistence). Satyagraha therefore means insistence on truth. Behind the legendary freedom movement that he had and won with nonviolence, was a man who experienced with sathya and that is what he called his autobiography. The story of my experiment with truth .It is these experiment and this practical spirituality that underlie Gandhi graping with the evils of the caste system and untouchabiity ,his work for the upliftment of women ,his definition of civil rights,and his devising of methods of non violent protest such as non cooperation and civil disobedience. Indeed ,it is this spirituality that won him the title mahatma on great soul.

The Charkha or Spinning Wheel is closely associated with Gandhi. He used the Spinning Wheel as an emblem of liberation and a tool for development. Gandhi’s introduction of the Spinning Wheel and what it stood for, was one of the most significant unifying elements of the nationalist movement in India. Spinning was seen as an economic and political activity that could bring together the diverse population of the country, and allow the formerly elite nationalist movement to connect to the broader Indian population. Gandhi believed that if all Indians would spin their own cotton to make khadi (cloth) instead of buying British made cloth ,they become self sufficient. Spinning promoted a respect for work just as the nation of bread labor highlighted the dignity of labor that Gandhi propagated.

Caste Based Discrimination is an aspect of the Indian way of life to which Gandhi was vehemently opposed .Infact ,he renamed the lowest cases who were placed even lower than the sudras and called them Harijan (CHILD OF GOD). Gandhi (1933) Formulation ,work could be a means of self realization.

If Everybody thinks about the work he is doing, and so works intelligently ,he would get the best education, would find his work interesting, develop his intellect ,enlarge and purify his heart,acquire efficiency in his work and make invention and improvement which would benefit the world.

The cornerstone on which the edifice of Gandhi’s life stood was a deep and irrevocable commitment to truth. This was the searchlight he unflinching turned upon himself. A final point that must be highlighted in conclusion is the way Gandhi lived his own life. He carved on original path of himself and stayed on that path with courage and integrity. He epitomizes for us the deep career guidance principles that ultimately, the joy of work is its own reward.

Gandhi played a major part in the country’s independence. His national pride, patriotic fervor and selfless commitment garner credit. He was a man of truth , honest, dutiful and willing to sacrifice himself for the country. He will always be remembered in the pages of Indian history for his valour and dedication of his life towards India’s Independence. He was ardent nationalist and the real son of Mother India who had no fear of any superpower. He struggled for the freedom of India and he gave his breath and life for the freedom. His unconditional love and sacrifice are considered to be the epitome of patriotism in Indian History. India remembers him for bravery and sacrifice.

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