What can you do after BA in Political Science?

The phrase “politics” may conjure up images of politicians and corruption; yet, political science is a noble field that investigates how politics and government work, resulting in a deeper knowledge of how society functions.

The study of political science in India can be traced back to Chanakya, a renowned philosopher, economist, and counselor who wrote the political treatise ‘Arthashastra,’ which meaning ‘science of politics,’ in the 2nd century BC.

The BA (H) Political Science course is a popular course for students interested in the social sciences, whether they desire to enter the area of politics or simply improve their knowledge, critical thinking, and analytical skills for other jobs.

Let’s look at some basic information and career options in BA in Political Science.

What is Political Science all about?

The bachelor’s degree in political science (honors) is a three-year program that covers the theory and practice of politics, political systems, and government. You will get the opportunity to learn about political principles, processes, policies, and institutions while studying the social, economic, and political lives of people in the country and around the world.

Political science investigates pressing global challenges that society faces, such as conflict, freedom, order, justice, and equality, as well as the concept of power and resource allocation.

Studying political science will improve not only your knowledge but also your critical thinking skills, reasoning ability, research aptitude, and analytical talents.

Political Science

Career options in BA in Political Science

There are various career options such as-

1.Civil Service Personnel

Civil service is a popular choice in India since it guarantees a stable government position. The general studies paper in the preliminary and main examinations covers numerous questions from the discipline, so BA graduates in political science can prepare for civil service. Students who have studied political science certainly have an advantage.

      2. Journalism

Political science enables students to study and comprehend a variety of topics in our society, and the majority of news stories in the media are about politics and public awareness. As a result, graduates with a good understanding of political science can work as reporters and editors in the media.

      3. Politics 

A profession in politics has been increasing in popularity in recent years, with more young people becoming interested in the subject. You can work in conjunction with the government or a political party as a political analyst or campaign supervisor. Although there is no official road to becoming involved in politics, a political science degree will greatly benefit you. You can get into the field by volunteering and looking for political events that align with your beliefs.

      4. Service to the Community

Except for getting into real politics and bureaucracy, social service is any other skill to help society and persons in need. With the rise of NGOs, government outreach initiatives, and MNCs forming Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) divisions, the number of employment choices has increased. After earning your B.A., you can pursue a Master’s degree in social work to pursue a career as a social worker or in social services.

      5. Teaching

Political science is taught at every high school and college in the United States. Teaching is an option for those interested in pursuing a career in this field. A master’s degree in political science and a National Eligibility Test (NET) qualification is required to teach in colleges. A BEd degree is required to teach at the secondary school level.

      6. Political Scientists

Political scientists are employed by a variety of Indian and worldwide organizations to research various aspects of governmental systems and the influence of policies. Graduates in political science can seek internships with a variety of organizations, including the United Nations.

      7. Marketing

Marketing is an important part of every business because it connects the dealer with the customers. Political science graduates have an understanding of how society works, as well as the movement of power and political institutions, which is useful in the marketing field. You can study for an MBA or take up temporary marketing courses after graduation if you want to pursue a career in marketing.


If you’re interested in how political systems work, BA (H) Political Science is the subject for you. The training will improve your critical thinking and analytical skills in addition to your knowledge. For BA (H) Political Science students, there are a variety of employment alternatives that can accommodate your tastes and interests while being financially sustainable.