YouTube – A Boon or a Bane

YouTube is known to everyone now whether it’s younger generation or older generation. YouTube has become a part of our daily lives as we are on YouTube almost every time whether it’s few minutes or some hours ago. Whether we watch a movie, listen to songs, watch stand ups, watch science stories, looking for a recipe, watch educational videos and more, our first platform to visit is YouTube, as it provides us or helps us with variety of options which we can find easily without creating any chaos.

YouTube can be accessed in 76 different languages, which covers 95% of the population. More than half of the views of YouTube are from mobile users. 10% of the YouTube videos can be viewed in HD. YouTube can be counted as the the third largest website viewed after Google and Facebook. YouTube impacts in a lot more ways than we think. Some of the content on YouTube are made for entertainment, some are made to advice people on various things like educational tutorials, beauty tutorials, science project tutorials, game tutorials, kitchen recipe’s and more. They guide people through simple and understandable process.

While posting videos on YouTube according to the topic like debate, political news and more, can have positive or negative views. Some people will take the matter positively while the other takes it negatively by commenting useless and unnecessary comment, resulting in cyber crime arrest.

Pros of YouTube –

  1. YouTube is a free platform and anybody can access it, whether you want to access it or upload. You also can get a premium if you want
  2. For educational purposes – the educational videos will give the same vibes as in the classroom. For the help of students teacher do upload videos related to topics.
  3. Repeat mode – It is very easy and interesting to watch repeatedly a video or to watch it anytime, YouTube provides this facility.
  4. For entertainment purposes – like watching old movies or videos which we couldn’t find on any app YouTube provides it. It is also used to watch recipes, if we don’t know how to make a certain dish we look for the recipe on YouTube only as it’s very helpful and engaging.
  5. For knowledge purposes – it is clear to all that there are educational content too available on YouTube. We can find multiple videos related to one simple topic and by watching educational and motivational videos students can enhance their knowledge.
  6. Visualized learning – Moving from pen paper mode to this visualized mode. In this current situation students are taking help from YouTube for their exams. There are no age restrictions as there are many videos that cater the needs of the children.
  7. Brand promotion – by giving their brand advertisements in between a video on YouTube promotes their brand as it targets large number of audiences which increases their brand identity too.
  8. Youtubers – People post their videos on YouTube and based on their likes and comments they are being paid by the YouTube, this can be a great chance for people who want to show their talents and can become popular and this promotes YouTube too as a app.

Cons of YouTube –

  1. No reliable – fake news or fake videos can be spread anywhere, it is just not limited to one or two social media sites. YouTube too has lot of videos which are fake and hence can create misunderstanding.
  2. Age restrictions – YouTube is for all age groups, but there are videos which are not available or suitable for younger generation. There content is not available for younger generation.
  3. Need for internet – The major setback can be need for internet, as if there is no internet you can’t access to YouTube. It can become a disadvantage for all like school students, people going to office, college work and more as their work will get stuck in between.
  4. Loss of writing habits – We agree to the fact that YouTube provides audiences with all content, but because of all this we all have whether it’s children or adults have lost the habit of writing.
  5. Many rules – Like any other site YouTube too has it’s set of rules which can restrict what you can do within your channel. This can be counted through terms of optimization, as how you want your channel to look like, what things you can post.
  6. Any advertisement can come in between video – that means even competitor can run their advertisement in between, which can hurt your brand.

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