To be honest, I love to watch movies. I think it is the best entertainer and stress buster for me. I will definitely take this use this platform to discuss about the movie and that is ” JUMANJI-1 “. I watched this movie in my childhood . It is a family movie. I enjoyed to watch this movie. The movie was about the dice game.


The story centers on a super natural board game that release jungle. Based hazards upon its players with every turn they take. As a boy in a game itself while playing with its friend.

Actually, the boy had take that game box from his father’s factory and show to his friend Sarah. Where the two children use to start play first. While playing the game it so interesting, for each number from the dice there is puzzle it includes any type. While playing this game the boy go inside of the forest . The game continued by another two children after 20 years. While playing after 20 years , the boy who gone inside the forest came out. Again the four members started to play the game, to finish all the problems they face by the game. Finally, they completed the game successful. All problems where solved. And the turn in point where, it all will occur in their future for the two children’s who first started the game.

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And they also meet the another two children’s in their future after 20 years. It is the most lovable movie of the children’s . So, it is created as cartoon and telecasted in Chutti tv. This movie is all time favorite of 90’s and early 2k kids. I think it’s a wonderful movie with great entertainment.

It is also says a lesson for all children’s that without our parents instructions we shouldn’t use any things, we found in any other places. It may have dangerous. The movie consist of all animals. The monkeys comedies are so good to laugh… The age limit for kids to watch is from six years.

The use of the avatar in Jumanji : Welcome to the Jungle lent itself to that theme, looking outside of people’s cliques and their place in the high school world, and looking deeper into their hearts to see the strength in character is a big deal in the movie, and it’s my favorite.