Reasons why to write everyday

Doing writing is just not meant for writers only, everyone can do that and is very beneficial. It helps in improving memory, improves communication skills, builds vocabulary and helps you in relaxation whenever you feeling stressed. For a student writing daily can be very helpful as it’ll improve their writing skill and vocabulary and they will feel more confident in their writing. Writing not only helps students but it is helpful for all as it enhances capabilities and helps in releasing stress as you’ll write your thoughts on paper which would help in clearing your mind, it improves our basic skills of communication and increases our vocabulary and makes your mind sharp.

Reasons why to write everyday-

  1. Removes stress from mind and places it on the paper – Research has shown that writing can be therapeutic. Through this way you can vent out all your pent-up frustrations, emotions that has become a burden on your mind. Writing can be served as a stress relief form, what you can’t say out loud you can just write it on paper which can help in clearing your mind and helps in pouring out emotions.
  2. It makes you smarter – Writing reflects your thoughts and ideas and make you think more about a certain thing. For writing something meaningful and valuable you need to pay attention, learn new words and should know how and where to use these words correctly. As writing your writing skills will eventually get improves but at the same time it’ll help you become smarter and confident.
  3. Becomes a refreshing part of the day – Writing anything like writing stories, article, letter, even a single page or even writing photo captions makes you refreshed as it gives us a chance to use creative side of our brain and vent out our emotions regarding a particular thing. Writing everyday can make us a better writer and makes our skills better.
  4. Can make money by writing – Good writing is demanded in every work field now whether it’s sales or marketing, or technical industries, or in business, or in offices and more. In todays time people know the value of good writing and writers get enough package for their writing. By writing it helps in strengthening writing muscles.
  5. Get new and clear ideas – Writing ideas at once and reading them later can give you a fresh take and you can think more clearly and can be innovative to make better and good decisions. It also helps in realizing where you need improvement or change and how you can make it better.
  6. Helps in staying happy – Research has shown that doing good and creative things can keep you happy everyday and makes you happier even more. Writing is one of the easiest way to do creative things everyday. By doing it everyday it makes you think about new topics and makes your writing, thinking and imagination broader. By writing you pour out your emotions, think endlessly and can be creative. People show their creativity by writing on blogs, sites, stories and more as it makes them happy.
  7. It will help in building discipline – Writing can help in building discipline and confidence. It helps you to stick to your important work and how to do it in time.
  8. It makes us remember things – We all forget important things in todays busy lives, but by writing it’ll help us to remember things and can help in achieving goals. By writing it makes us remember our goals and helps in achieving goals.
  9. It becomes like a companion – Some people talk less and are lost in their own world, this can lead to depression and can make them unhealthy. It’s better to share your thoughts and ideas with someone or if feeling uncomfortable to share with someone just wrote it down as it’ll help in clearing your thoughts and ideas and make you feel light and helps to pour out negative thoughts or feelings.
  10. Keeps away from noise – By writing what we are feeling or writing about something that makes a person feel better can be a way to find inner peace and helps in finding better connectivity between mind and and soul of a person. Therefore, instead of using devices for everything just start writing by hand which is always better and is very helpful.

Conclusion – Writing can help you pour out your emotions which you couldn’t say and helps you feeling good and light. Writing is good and beneficial for mind and soul. Writing can be productive as you can express your feelings by writing, like writing blogs, stories, books and more. So, try to write everyday which will be beneficial for you and can help you in various ways.


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