A government is an important element of the state which runs with combined effort of the Legislature , Executive and Judiciary. The supreme law of a state is the constitution. the legislature frames rules, regulations and policies. The executive implements all these rules and regulations , while the judiciary administers according to rules enacted by the legislatures and sometimes declares a certain rule as a unconstitutional or holds the authority to condemn the acts of the executive .

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every nation needs some governing bodies which could take decisions and keep the administration moving. in modern times, the functions of the government have assumed a much wider scope. the broad functions of the government are:

. to enact the inform rules and regulations

.to maintain law and order in the nation.

.to protect the life and property of the people

.to provide adequate electricity and water to the people.

. to remove poverty, unemployment inequality and discriminations.

. to maintain good, friendly and peaceful relations with neighbouring countries.


MONARCHY: In the ancient and medieval period of the history, monarchy or kingships was the most common form of government . monarchial form of government was strengthened the ‘DIVINE RIGHTS’ theory which considered kings to be represent on earth. the monarch have the absolute right to take decisions. his words was considered a law. it was a heredity form of government, in which the king or queen inherited the throne from their father or mother.

DICTATORSHIP: it is form of government in which all the authority and power is enjoyed by one person who does not owe any responsibility towards the people. people do not have much rights instead they simply follow the dictates of the dictator. Adolf Hitler was one such dictator.

DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT: today democratic government is the most popular form of government in the world. in a democratic set up representatives are elected by the people on the basis of Universal adult Franchise. the elected representatives form the government . in this way people choose their government at the time of election. thus they are given the Right to vote. E lections are held at regular interval in the country. they enable the people to choose their representatives who act on their behalf. this elected government is responsible for its acts towards people in the democratic country.

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