What is Illuminati and Conspiracy theories ?

Illuminati is a favourite topic for those people who talk about conspiracy theories. Is there is historical basis for this ? What is the real fact on this?. Internet says that Illuminati is a monastery of conspiracy theories. This is because of human’s addiction to mysterious things. It is natural that, people want to know about something else hidden in the society that is not accepted by the public. Conspiracy theories are commercializing this interest. Conspiracy theories are one of the areas which have more viewers or readers around the world. Illuminati is such a conspiracy theory. Who is this Illuminati? What are they doing?

Conspiracy theorists say like this, Illuminati is a secret society that governs all areas of science,politics,cinema,economics etc.. The world’s greatest leaders,film starts,buisnessmen and all others who re able to influence the people are under the control of Illuminati. Through them, the Illuminati agenda reaches out to ordinary people unknowingly. Yes, Illuminati controls the world. Heads of State, Government are puppets of this Illuminati. The world is controlled by 13 families of businessmen and rich people who hide many things from common people according to their interest. The Illuminati consists of 13 families who are primarily rich and serve Satan. Rots child family is the most well-known family among these. They deal with the financial matters. They have banking networks all over the world. Like this, Illuminati is present in all areas. This is the basic conspiracy theory bout Illuminati that conspiracy theorists talk about.

It is true that there was a secret organization called Illuminati. Another fact is that, conspiracy theorists who now talk about this conspiracy theory has nothing to do with it. A secret organization called Bavarian Illuminati was established in 1776. The Bavarian Illuminati was founded with the aim of releasing people from a time when they were atheists and rationalists with intense religious superstitions and ignorance. This became a major headache for the Catholic church at that time. Thus, the then Bavarian ruler Charles Theodore banned the activities of Illuminati. But conspiracy theorists say that, banned Bavarian Illuminati continued their work. But, Illuminati is just one of thousands of conspiracy theories. But Illuminati conspiracy theorists say about all the conspiracy theories relating to their conspiracy. Flat Earth theory is an example. This theory says that, Earth is generally flat, it is spherical in shape as is a part of the Illuminati agenda. This is what they teach the students in school. Illuminati conspiracy theorists says, they are saying like this because of the fact that there are multi-billion dollar business potential in space. Flat Earth conspiracy is another conspiracy that arose independently of the Illuminati conspiracy.

Moon landing hoax is another important conspiracy theory related to Illuminati, which says, no one has ever landed on moon. What people are seeing is merely a drama made in a Hollywood set. Yes, this is also a part of Illuminati agenda. Conspiracy theorists explains this because there are many multi-billion dollar potential in the space industry. We can find many pseudoscience like this across the internet.The only way to identify such conspiracies is to acquire a basic scientific understanding. It is not much difficult to make a conspiracy theory. By using internet, anyone who is capable of telling their imaginary stories can create a conspiracy theory. But the most difficult task is to prove them they are wrong because there are many basic things to know when they explain each and every thing in the backdrop of scientific research. When we understand these things, anyone can differentiate between science and pseudoscience.

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Difference between Science and Pseudoscience


  • Willingness to change within new evidence.
  • Ruthless peer review.
  • Takes account of all new discoveries.
  • Invites criticism.
  • Verifiable results.
  • Limits claims of usefulness.
  • Accurate measurement.


  • Fixed ideas.
  • No peer review.
  • Selects only favourable discoveries.
  • Sees criticism as conspiracy.
  • Non-repeatable results.
  • Claims of widespread usefulness.
  • “Ball-park” measurement.

For example, the planet Pluto was among all the other planets in the Solar System. But based on new studies, International Astronomical Union found that Pluto has no ability to become a planet.When we check the reality of the Flat Earth conspiracy, if someone argues that the Earth is flat, let us first look at the evidence on which it is based.Many of us believe that the Earth is round because we have studied this in our school. We didn’t believe this because we haven’t went outside the Earth and found this except few. But we cannot blindly believe that the Earth is r spherical simply because we have studied it in our books. We can understand this from some basic observation. Firstly, the paradox of saying that the Earth is flat is that everything we see in the sky is spherical. Examples are Sun,Moon,Planets everything are spherical in shape. Anyone can see this by using a telescope. But, for flat earthers,only Earth is flattened.2000 years ago, Greek people know that the Earth is spherical.They measured the circumference of the Earth accurately that is 40,030 km, even at a time when science was not advanced at all.Aristophanes, a Mathematician and the Head librarian of Alexandria found that, shadows will not be formed on June 21, at 12 pm,in a city named Syene which is situated 800 km away from the south of Alexandra. This is because the Sun exactly comes above our head. If the Earth was flattened, Alexandria city also won’t form any shadows on the same day at 12 pm. But,on that day. Aristophanes placed a stick upright in Alexandria at 12 pm and he found the shadows. This proves that the Earth is spherical. We can find the circumference of the Earth if we have the known values of the degree of inclination of shadow and the distance between the cities.

Lunar eclipse occur when Earth comes exactly between the Sun and the Moon. At that time, Earth’s shadow falls on the Moon in a circle.For a shadow to fall in a circle from any direction, the object creating the shadow must be spherical.Lunar eclipse can’t take place if the Earth was flattened.All objects in the Universe with a mass greater than a certain amount are spherical.This is due to the Gravity itself. Gravity influences in the same way from all directions. Planets are spherical due to this gravity. Humans are very very small when compared to Earth, that is why we can’t see the curvature of the Earth.There is no truth in what pseudo-scientists say about Moon landing.If one studies in depth on this issues, we can find that there is no meaning in what these conspiracy theorists say about the landing of man in the Moon.