Hollywood pop that would drive your heart into depression

Photo by Karina Zhukovskaya on Pexels.com

Say something

Say Something is a song by the American pop duo The great big world and American singer-songwriter Christina Aguilera. The song goes beyond relationships and into something much deeper — the regrets, worries, and significance of separation from a loved one. Most of the views think of this song reflecting a traumatic break up. But it evokes more than that, specifically the pain of losing a loved one; a mother, friend or lover; not just by means of fights and misunderstandings but also accidents. The lyrics reflect deep commitment and how they are lost in their actions and thoughts. The music follows a slow piano melody to emphasize the strong misery and this melody is a repetitive single count melody that could have been reflecting the heart beat. The heavy strings in the chorus reflect how the person suddenly breaks out and cries out loud for his loved one to “Say something” and not let go.


Chandelier is an outstanding composition by the Australian singer-songwriter Sia Furler. The song exhibits release and enjoyment of alcohol, drugs and being a party girl. But at the same time the remarkable song writer with her subtle deep lyrics hints at the immense pain and guilt that she feels. She gives the impression of being dependent on drugs and alcohol to numb her emotions. This feeling is hidden by the soaring melody and general good feeling of a pop song. But as you understand the lyrics and the emotion involved in the song this contrasting music sharply matches with the feel of the song and hence results in a remarkable composition.


A perspective of a woman who has chosen a life together with her husband, metaphorically “walking a tightrope”. This song from the musical drama The Greatest Showman, sung by the American actress Michelle Williams, expresses how she misses and feels isolated from her husband. But the lyric beautifully hints that no matter what, she is ready to face all the struggles and risk it because they have, together chosen this life. “But it’s all an adventure that comes with a breathtaking view”. The movie is based in an 18th century period and the music Indicates this through the triple measure and the use of heavy strings. The voice is also bold with outstanding belts with a clear expression of the wife’s emotions.


Lovely is an unforgettable song sung by the seven time grammy winner Billie Eilish, an american singer-songwriter, and Khalid who is also one of the predominant american stars. The song reflects how they make the best out of a depressing situation. The title of the song ‘lovely’ is in fact sarcastic, sharply contrasting with the emotion of the song but also can be understood as being addicted to depression. The song follows an soothing dragging melody with a beautiful violin accompaniment that brings out all of the painful and upsetting emotions of the artists. The song is also sung with an astounding sombre and low tone that adds more effect to the piece. The song ends with a touching violin melody following “hello, welcome home”.