Your selfies might kill you! Here’s Why.

A perfect selfie pose, million likes, engaging comments, and a crazy fan following brews the perfect social media celebrity potion. Your social media success begins with a selfie. But selfies can be deadly, literally.

Social Media, a powerful world, enthrone or dethrone its users at the cost of public engagements. These public engagements emerge in the form of likes, hearts, comments, tags, and shares. Every positive engagement with a content gives it’s creator appreciation to do more.

Appreciation motivates a person to engage in an activity surpassing the last degree. Sometimes, these degrees cross the rational limit of healthy mind and body, resulting in damaging acts.

The Instant World

A 2020 study gave shocking statistics about the time spent on social media platforms. The study presented that almost 3.196 billion active social media users spent about 2 hours 24 minutes socializing online. Social media engages about 83% of internet users that is much higher than previous years.

The networking is a vital part of our lives and has nothing wrong with it, until it transforms into addiction. Many people take the social platforms for their personal use. And quite a lot use it to project their own image.

If you hit the ‘perfect’ selfie score, there is no doubt that you will be a huge success, instantly.

The hunger for likes and appreciations builds up a never-ending game for users to bring out a perfect selfie. It is estimated that users take about 11-15 selfies just to select the ‘perfect’ one. And we are not even discussing about the superficial filters, yet.

Addiction of social media is a social issue of our times. Here, I’ll be showing you the effects of your social media content, preferably selfies, on your health.

Mental Health and Selfies

Positive reactions, a driving force of Social Media Content.

There is a good old saying that our vision shape our personality as:

You become what you behold.

Selfie is just a self-portrait of a person from its own perspective. Every time a person gets likes on its selfie, they feel happy. This happy feeling is due to release of dopamine. Dopamine gives a person self elevation, confidence, and impulse.

The desire for more positive feedback kicks in at this stage. Failing to receive any positive engagements, give these users a missed out feeling, like are no longer desirable. Sadly, this missed out feeling alters their mental status into depression and anxiety

According to a 2018 study it was found that social media alters sleep, resulting in insomnia, memory loss, depression, headaches, and anxiety. That’s helluva damage from a tiny ‘like’.

If the selfie addiction is not stopped at this stage it may turn into physical damage.

Read in the following section how selfies can be deadly.

Physical Health and Selfies

Social Media triggered violence on surge.

Although selfies cannot hurt you directly, but they do pose a threat in following ways:

1. Health depreciation

A patient suffering from depression and anxiety will also suffer from nausea and weight change if left untreated. This is indirect effect on your health. Many teenagers fail to notice such indications that result in health depreciation.

2. Social Media Triggered Violence

Addiction from the social media, like I told before, may exceed more than 2 hours for some people. This disconnects them from real people around them and connects with the virtual world. This can be harmful not for them but also for others in their homes.

In 2019 Deccan Herald narrated about a man who found his better half through Facebook.

After their marriage the man started suspecting his wife for extra marital affairs. And in a fit of rage he brutally murdered his wife along with their 3-months-old child. The murder told the investigators that his wife took many selfies and used social media beyond measure that made him believe she might have multiple affairs.

Social media triggered crimes are on surge now, and these must be halted in the initial stages.

3. Excessive Plastic Surgery

If the above points are not enough proof for selfies damaging physical health here’s another one.

In the recent years Plastic Surgeons are receiving weird requests from their patients to alter their physical attributes. No, we are not talking about average nose or lip job, but a full-blown Instagram filter job. Shocking, right.

Users in social media are given a variety of filters available. Retro Cam, Moody Tones, Boho Filters, Creame…. You name it. It is a person’s choice to make what changes to apply, and some take it to a whole new level. Their surgically altered facial attributes can cause complications like tissue damages, eye infections, and scarring.

Save Yourself from Selfie Addiction

There are so many resources available, which can help you with selfie addiction. Some of them that would help you are listed below:

  • Limiting the use of social media,
  • Use social media only when necessary,
  • Practicing Digital Detox method, and
  • Seek help from parents, guardians, or medical counselor.


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