1. Serpent Theory– Many people believe that the origination of dragons came from serpents. It is also suggested that people saw mutated eels and snakes or thought that some of their surroundings ( i.e, for eels, seaweed, for snakes, sticks ) were actually a part of them. Thus making them look as if they were draconic. These actually suggested that dragons were formed out of the misinterpretation of artwork, stories, and sights throughout the ages.
  2. Bones Theory– This theory pertains to the remains that people found and called ” dragons bones “ so it definitely holds no water in battle of where the term dragon comes from. However, it does provide on interesting idea that people thought the bones of dinosaurs to be dragons, and they though dragons to be descendants ( or parents ) to such serpents as the snake and lizards. The bones theory suggests that people found the bones and created stories about the fierce creatures that once lived within those bones.
  3. Sadly, this theory is lacking when it comes to civilizations as china and other Asian dragons. Due to their unscientific structures, Chinese dragons and Asian dragons could never have originated from seeing bones. On the other hand, one might think that either adapted the bones to the dragons or they only found some bones. Whichever the case, this theory is not as likely as the serpent theory.

Scholars says that belief in dragons probably evolved independently in both EUROPE and CHINA, and perhaps in the Americans and Australia as well. How could this happen? many have speculated about which real-life animals inspired the first legends. Draconic creatures are first described in the mythologies of the ancient Mesopotamian art and literature . Stories about throughout nearly all Indo-European and near Eastern mythologies.

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Nobody has ever found a real live dragons, and there are no fossils of them, so it is reasonable to say that they do not exit and never have, .. Not creatures that just look a bit like dragons, but actual flying dragons that breathe fire. According to folk beliefs, dragons appear and unleash their powers in the human world in the spring and summer, causing droughts, torrential rains, thunderstorms and even having the power over the fertility of the fields and the fates of people.

All dragons have two holes in there mouth, these holes would excrete a highly flammable gas during exhaling , this gas is then breathed out of the mouth … When the spark hit the gas, it would light, creating a plume of fire. Dragon is 55 years old, the same age as Akainu. Dragons can fly without wings. While European dragons are massive winged beasts, Asian dragons are more akin to snakes with legs. Most of us think of snakes as ground-dwelling creatures, but there are snakes that ” fly ” in the sense they can glide through the air for long distances.


  1. Smaug ( the Hobbit )- the last of the great dragons of middle earth and probably smaller.
  2. Toothless ( how to train your dragon franchise ) – Toothless is the best dragon in this list!. He is funny and dangerous, and belong to the rariest species- Night fury
  3. Shenron ( Dragon Ball )- It is an animated fictional character from anime series.
  4. Charizard ( Pokemon ) – It is known in japan as Lizardon
  5. Dragon ( Game of Thrones )
  6. Beowulf’s dragon ( Beowulf )
  7. Dragon ( Shrek Franchise )- Beautiful red dragon
  8. Fafnir ( Norse Mythology )
  9. Krak’s Dragon ( polish folklore )
  10. Yamata no Orochi ( Japanese Mythology )
  11. Spyro ( spyro series )
  12. Alduin ( The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim )
  13. Mushu ( Mulan )
  14. Ender dragon ( Minecraft )
  15. King Ghidorah ( Ghidorah, the three- headed monster )
  16. Hungarian Horntail ( Harry potter and the Goblet of Fire )
  17. Sapphira ( Inheritance cycle )
  18. Glaurung ( Silmarillion )
  19. The Fucanglong ( Chinese Mythology )
  20. Puff, the magic dragon ( peter, Paul and Mary Song )
  21. Saint George’s Dragon ( saint George and the Dragon )
  22. Blue- eyes white dragon ( Yu-Gi-oh!)
  23. Igneel ( Fairy Tail )
  24. Hydra ( Greek Mythology )
  25. Vermithrax Pejorative ( Dragonslayer )


  • Basilisk Lizard
  • Bearded Dragon
  • Chinese Water Dragon
  • Eastern Water Dragon
  • Flying Dragon
  • Komodo Dragon