Why do we blog?

We all usually use Google to search for something which we want to obtain knowledge from regarding any of our favourite topics, learning or for any other work. After searching any specific topic in google we always click that site which appears on the top or in second, so we see that information in google and that information is written by a blogger who shares his or her knowledge to the world through their site. Initially, blogging was done for sharing his or her personal story, but now it’s used for sharing knowledge, story or any other professional goals. There are many reasons for bloggers to blog, the main reasons are:-

To share their knowledge or an Area of Expertise

If someone is interested to share his or her knowledge in their area of expertise then blogging is one of the best platforms to share their knowledge with millions of people. It also helps that bloggers to increase their knowledge as they try to dig deeper into that topic to find that accurate information that will help people to know things better. There is also a way to monetize our blog by creating online educational products or services.

To share their stories

As I mentioned earlier that initially blogging was started to share their personal story, so similarly some people blog to share their own stories or their passion through the blogging platform. If someone has a passion for photography, acting or playing sports, it’s a great way to express themselves and connect to people who share similar interests.

Freedom of work

For blogging you don’t need an office desk, you can blog from your own house or from anywhere you like to blog. For blogging all you need is a Laptop or a computer and a good internet connection, blogging gives a person what he wants the most and that spending quality time with your family or spending more time with your hobbies. If you are a travel blogger then you get the chance to travel and explore the whole world and its beauties.

To improve our writing skills

The more you practice the better you become, the same thing goes for writing also. If we make a habit of writing at least one blog or an article per day then it will take no time to increase our writing skills. Many professionals’ bloggers write their content on a daily basis which helped them to reach where they are today. They are persistent in their work, they proofread and analyze regularly which helped them to become great writers.

Making connections

One of the best advantages of blogging is that as our blog gets the number of views, we also get more followers on social media and we make some genuine contacts or relationships which we haven’t met earlier. As our popularity grows through our blogs, we also develop some fan bases in the social network. Bloggers get recognized by many personalities which we haven’t met before and they all appreciate our efforts to spread the knowledge on the Internet.

Fluency in a Language

When you blog you write and you encounter various news vocabularies in the language you are writing. Those who write blogs in their language, the better they learn and get fluent in that language. With better writing, you will also be able to speak that language also.

Chances of becoming an Author

If you have exceptional writing skills then there is a high chance that you can become an author, with your popularity through blogs you can easily find publishing companies and have book deals.

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  1. Yep, these are great and typical reasons for people to blog. I’m curious though, what’s your reason for blogging? Me, I fall into the ‘sharing stories’ category. Thanks for this post!

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    • Thank you for an amazing Feedback. My main reason to blog is I always think that writing is a creative thing and we can use our creative perspective in the form of words and express to the world by blogging. I always wanted to give a different but a good content, So I am trying to at least provide some relatable or better content where people enjoy while reading.