Amazing Travel Experience By Train.

Trains are the lifeline of India and connect the entire country. Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind, and fills your life with stories to tell.”

Traveling from one place to another by train is a train journey. It is a wonderful and exciting journey to enjoy. Train journeys fill everyone with a feeling of intense enjoyment and excitement. Train journeys are the best to travel long distances. This mode of the journey is best when the travel distance is long. A train journey creates an aura that cannot be explained and experienced with other modes of journeys.

The train provides a sociable and friendly environment so that we can make new friends with traveling passengers quickly. Train journeys offer some memories and experiences. Sightseeing is one of the most worthy benefits of a journey by train.
Train journeys offer a variety of opportunities to pass time. Furthermore, the train offers a sociable environment. In train journeys, conversations between passengers almost always take place.

Nature is one of the most underutilized treasures in life. It has the power to unburden hearts and reconnect to that inner place of peace.” -Janice Anderson
A small town situated at a higher altitude than the nearby valleys and plains is a hill station. Shimla is said to be the “queen of hills” in India. We had heard a lot about the Shimla – Kalka train journey and really wanted to experience it. It is said that the train comes under the world heritage list of UNESCO.

Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more that what we could learn from books.” – John Lubbock
The time for the departure of the train was drawing near. Soon the warning bell rang. Just at 9.00 a.m., the second bell rang. The guard whistled and waved his flag. Then the train whistled loudly and slowly moved on.

Life is a railway track, straight and fixed.. We travel through it.. Crossing mountains and many tunnels, including breaks and well signals, the only thing we should do is, drive our train safe and on track to reach our beloved destination!”
All the passengers slowly entered into the train . The train covers a distance of 96 km and there was not a single moment when we got bored during this journey. There was so much to view and experience. The train travels at a slow speed and takes around 5-6 hours to reach Kalka so that we can experience the natural surroundings to the fullest It goes through 102 tunnels and this makes the journey all the more amazing. It also passes over as many as 864 bridges and offers an experience which is one-of-its-kind. While all my train journeys have been memorable there is one that I will cherish forever. This was my train journey from Shimla to Kalka. This train journey was like no other.

Life is like a railway track. We are the trains who are running on the track. Every train has their own destinations and path.”
As the train started, I saw the mesmerising view of the hills covered with pine trees. There was greenery all round. It had rained a night before and thus the flora looked even greener and fresh. It was a breath-taking sight. This makes train journeys more comprehensive than journeys by air or road.
There were many sharp bends on the way. Outside, the scenery was quite beautiful. The tall pine trees seemed to travel with us. The deep valleys below looked charming inside, the atmosphere became lively all of a sudden. The pine trees looked very charming. The colourful flowers dancing in the breeze seemed to carry away my heart. We enjoyed the wayside scenes full of natural beauty. It was a real treat to life through these scenes.

Life is like a train track, full of possibilities and happiness.”
In the next compartment, I saw a blind man singing a religious song with an old patterned harmonium. The passengers in that compartment were spell-bound to hear or listen to the song. The passengers gave him one or two takes as alms. After seeing the old man I get an inspiration that how people work for their livelihood. The old man song encourages me to study hard and inspired my inner heart to help others who are poor and work for eating at a very old age. His song became an inspiration to work hard for study and gain bright future to help these needy old man and others.

There was one thing that I wish I had not experienced. Apart from the green meadows that I saw from the windows, I also saw countless huts and tin-shade houses. There were many slums that were present beside the rail line. The poverty all around was disheartening to see. I promised myself to help these poor people when I start earning money.
We are the train and the tracks are the path our lives follow. It controls at dispatch is God and he is overseeing each of our movements and coordinating what happens.
Finally we reached . As the train stopped at my destination station, I got down.

These train journey experience is one of my great and inspiring train journey in my life. These journey teaches me to work hard . Beautiful sightseeing is another noteworthy benefit of train journeys. I will never forget the beautiful sights the views of the countryside, farms factories, etc. and also the scenery of hills, forest and also the inspiration which I got in these memorable journey of my life. I can ever forget the sweet journey by train that we had.
Our life is a constant journey, from birth to death. The landscape changes, the people change, our needs change, but the train keeps moving. Life is the train, not the station.”