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Ecology restoration is the process of assisting the recovery of an ecosystem that has been degraded, damaged or destroyed. It has the potential to improve air quality, reverse forest clearance and desertification, slow biodiversity loss, enhance urban environments and perhaps improve human livelihoods and humanity’s relationship within nature.

As we know, many of the human activities on biological diversity have degraded the World’s ecosystem like deforestation, hunting animals, clearing forests or lands for home, agriculture etc.

Thus, there is a growing realization that we will not be able to conserve the earth’s biological diversity through the protection of critical areas alone. It is one of the parts of the IUCN Commission on ecosystem management. Thus, one of the major ways ecology restorations helps to improve the ecosystem management.

By doing this continuous through the years. We have improved the situation a lot, the places where there was a barrow land now has grown grasses improved soil being able to for agriculture also.

These have been planting more and more trees, made the area fertile,  for grasses and much more . Hence, gives opportunity, for habitat restoration. It can be done through management protection and re-establishment of plants by returning abiotic factors ( e.g., Soil chemistry, water content, planting rain gardens to absorb rainwater running off roofs or asphalt.

There are many advantages of the ecosystem restoration. One of these is to contribute to improve food and water security, people’s livelihoods and to mitigate and adopt to climate change. Ultimately, where reforestation done, many of the endangered species would be protected. The climate will be enhanced. The problem of climate change which causes a lot of problem especially for farmers, will not be changed from time to time. Apart from this, we will able to invite rain.

Now the question also arises how and what are the major causes of biodiversity loss. Habitat destruction is a major cause of biodiversity loss. Habitat loss is caused by deforestation, overpopulation, pollution and global warming. Due to this, there is decline in plant production, also decline in number of animal species. By ecology restoration, it provides for the replenishment of soil fertility and the pollination  of crops.

But how do we all participate in ecology restoration. The speed of cutting down of forests should be controlled. We must bring awareness among the people so that with that speed there would not be a deadly impact of biodiversity loss and its effects to the environment and the people .

We need to build a capacity for that we have to introduce indigenous people who are staying besides, women, men and youth of our country in restoration. We must allow a formal and informal education to encourage youth and develop hands on restoration skills. Water management can also do a lot on this restoration campaign. Government should take up many activities for protecting our biodiversity. This can be encouraged by giving rewards for preserving our mother nature and being awareness to their cities and many more. Also, many students and scientists now have been engaging on developing biofuels for vehicles.