Facts about gold in 2020 Olympic by Neeraj Chopra

As you may have heard, Indian Athlete Neeraj Chopra has brought gold home but what makes this one so special?And why people are making such a big deal out of it ? well no need to run your brain cells to optimum capacity .simply read forward

this is the first medal of India in track and field sports event of Olympics.

India has by far earned 35 medals which include 10 gold, 9 silver and 16 bronze. out of which 8 golds are in hockey 1 in shooting and the last one in javelin throw today so a remarkable history has been made.

this is the first gold medal in athletics category as well as by any Indian for India.

So far India has only won 3 medals in athletics event 1 gold today and 2 silver by Norman Pritchard (British as he was resident of India during that era) during 1900 Olympics so you can say this is the first time any Indian has won medal in athletics.

gold after 12 years

Neeraj chopra has brought gold after abhinav Bindras gold in 2008 Beijing Olympics.

India got 7 medals

until today highest no of medals India ever won in any single Olympics was 6 which was in 2012 London Olympics but as Neeraj chopra won he left that in past by giving seventh medal.