There are many natural things in the earth we should thankful for it. One of them are Flowers. There are many types of flowers in the environment. The beautiful fragrances and flowers enhance the beauty of our earth. Our mind feel very relaxed when the flowers bloom.

Importance of Flowers

* Flowers can feed insects, birds, animals, and humans.

*provide natural medicines for humans and animals.

*Aid in a plant’s reproduction by enticing outside pollinators.

Flowers important to humans

● Flowers make an emotional impact on humans, providing consideration and comfort.

● Flowers serve as a natural decoration that add colorful appearance to a dull room.

● Flowers brighten colorful occasions like wedding , birthday, etc…..

● Women’s look very beautiful when they keep in the head.

● Flowers increase energy .

● Flowers can help heal the common cold.

● Flowers can help in improve mood.

Signification of Flowers

Many flowers are linked to romance and passion

☆Red flower signify passion

☆Pink flower signify prosperity

☆ White flower signify purity

☆ Orange flower signify pride

☆ Yellow flower signify gratitude

Language of flowers 💐

Symbol of health?

Valeriana- This star like flower is the symbol of health and strength.

Valeriana flower

Flower symbolizes Death

Chrysanthemum flower

• In America – Get well soon

• In Europe – Symbol of Death


” Happiness is to hold flowers

in both hands ”

~ Japanese proverb

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