1)When faced with a tough choice, do not rush to decide right away. Take your time to think about the pros and cons of the outcome. After doing that, sometimes you will see that the cons are not really as bad as you think. This allows you to think methodically and justify the right decision being made.

2)It is important to be authentic to ourselves does the decision we make match our value in life you do not want to decide and be unhappy with the outcome sometimes the choices we make do not take into consideration our integrity and value system even though we subsequently lived with it causes such much unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

3)Look at realistic alternatives evaluate the feasibility risks an implication of the circumstances or decisions comes with some level of risk so to avoid minimal risk you need to investigate the situation in detail look at the key factors to fully understand the situation before you make the decision.

4)The most important step triptych action and make the decision you must never evaluate and stay on the fence forever even if you’re not confident it is totally OK sometimes making decisions in life does not make you feel that way ask yourself does it feel alright and that’s the situation works best for you and in the future when you answer them you should feel good about the result by making a decision you are learning and growing this preparing yourself for upcoming tough choices.

5)Once you have made your choice and put it into play, it is necessary to evaluate it to ensure it works. This final step is very important, if not more than other steps as it helps with the development of decision-making skills in life is not merely a matter of sitting on the sidelines and making decisions by playing the nice guy rather it is a matter of choices and every choice you make defines you.

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