Impact of Covid-19

Covid has wrecked a havoc over the entire India again. It may be summed up as lack of safety measures by people at individual level, plus in some ways poor administration by govt as in election rallies, people neglect all the safety Norms like social distancing and using masks. Moreover, the day workers and labourers are more concerned about their basic wages and square meal rather than spending a few bucks on purchasing masks. This is a great example of lack of social awareness. Poor allocation and distribution of resources and machineries, like oxygen to the states, beds and accomodation facilities for serious covid patients are worse. After one year of covid since 2020, there was a hope in people that everything is sorted now. But the relief was short lived, since covid came back in a more devastating manner. And this time, people in some ways refused to accept it, as they weren’t ready, and lack of proper awareness and Administration by govt played it’s role. The casualty multiplied exponentially. News channels though in doing there work must also realize that the impact of such negative news created on the minds of viewers pushes them into a state of chaos and fear. We as individuals must take the initiative of protecting ourselves and maintain all covid safety norms like masking our faces, sanitizing our hands multiple times and social distancing. We must also refrain to move out of homes unnecessarily. Along with it, it is not very much wise to watch the same negative news all day. We must maintain a positive attitude and should encourage our family and friends or anyone in the close vicinity, to be strong, cheerful as this too shall pass. And cheers to all the frontline health workers and public servants who are out their working midst of all this for us for themselves and all the people. I personally believe, that along with all the awareness we as being the future journalists should start a campaign on social media, paying our regards and respect to all the corona warriors, may it be doctors, nursing staff or public servants, we should cheer them up, we should respect them, we must create an environment of positivity and make everyone feel that we aren’t alone and we would come across all this together.

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