What is meditation? the real action:

We are all reactors to nature i.e. whenever we hear a sound or noise, we tend to hear it, see what it is, at first case we feel it. You may think what is relation between the above and meditation. The intense ability to control us by imitating ourselves. when you see a gorgeous beautiful thing, our eyes seek attention to it and makes us to go glare at it, but it is dangerous behind; which eyes doesn’t realize. Mind instructs not to see, eyes obey, that is when control occurs.


There are a ‘n’ number of ways to do meditation based on one’s nature. But the common attribute is to hold the heart. Heart is like a lake, each stone thrown on it raises waves and these waves doesn’t allow us realize the true nature of us. Moon’s light falls on the river, as the river is with waves, we couldn’t see the reflection clearly. Like wise, many things affect us externally for a stationary time; escaping from the trap make us find who we are and understand what we are.


“Arrange a separate isolated room if possible. Sleeping, eating and entering the room without bathing should be totally avoided; keep it orthodox” says Swami Vivekananda. But in an era as such, it goes hardly possible. As there is a will, there is a path; take any place which is distraction free especially from the digital world. Make sure that while starting meditation, anger, worry or any other emotion should be avoided. Mind and heart should be neutral.


First, leave heart to wander around in its own direction. Slowly monitor them, keenly observe as its the prior idea to start it. Without knowing what your soul is doing, controlling it is impossible. There may be vivid evil thoughts too which on encounter may be shock in the beginning. As you continue with the process, you can feel its reducing potency. Things get into your control and you become only yours. Mind gets unaffected by extrinsic factors. Primarily believe that your body is rigid and with it you can achieve anything in world possibly.


Everything is spheric in this spherical globe, so does our life. Electrons revolve spherically and always try to attain stability. Henceforth, same applies to humans. Love, anger, grief, anxiety, depression, happiness, tranquility and whatever you express, circulates and turns around to only you.

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