School Life VS College Life

School and College life are two very distinct phases of life. School life prepares you to be an adult. College life teaches you how to actually adult. Both experiences are fun in their own ways and offer very unique experiences. It is definitely a tough question to answer when someone asks you which life was better. You’ve had your share of fun and experiences in both and will cherish it throughout your life. Although, everyone’s answers do differ. So some of the fun differences are….

1.School: In high school, you know everyone in your class.
College: In college, you’re lucky to know one person in your class.

2.School: High school books are provided are little to no cost.
College: College textbooks cost a small fortune.

3.School: You have to live with your parents in high school.
College: You get to live with your friends in college.

4.School: You wake up early in the morning for class in high school.
College: You wake up for your first class (or whenever you want).

5.School: In high school, you were forced to learn all subjects.
College: In college, you get to learn whatever you want to.

6.School: In high school, your time and schedule are dictated by others.
College: In college, you take back ownership of time management.

7.School: In high school, you wrote notes to friends.
College: In college, you take notes for yourself.

8.School: In high school, you’re able finish all your homework in one night.
College: In college, that’s a near-to-impossible feat.

9.School: In high school, everyone is required to be there.
College: In college, everyone wants to be there.

10.School: In high school, you worried about what “looked” cool.
College: In college, you’re too busy to care about what other people think.

Every stage of our life teach us different lesson.School life moulded us to get ready for our college life.College life made us to get ready for carry our adult life.So every stage of our life is just a magic.We should just enjoy and live it as it.Don’t compare one thing to another.If we compare,we don’t able to learn or enjoy of that stage.

“Take it all one day at a time and enjoy the journey.” — Kristi Barlett

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