Secret to Inner-Happiness

Many people will agree on having the good fortune to the secret of happiness, but it’s not completely right. There are many people who are extremely wealthy but are sad and broken from the inside but they pretend to show a happy face from outside. It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t earn more money but instead of just focusing on the money we should also look at the various aspects of our lives. Nowadays, most of the people you will meet will always show a happy face but somewhere deep inside they are not happy, some will be upset over their relationship problems, some are upset with their not much amount of money they are earning, some are upset due to lack of friends, some are upset because they aren’t getting promoted or recognized for their work.

There are numerous reasons for their unhappiness, but there are numerous simpler ways to be happy from the inside. Happiness doesn’t restrict to one way or another, Happiness comes in many ways and we can find happiness in many different forms. For different people happiness means in different things or different ways. The major ways to find happiness are:-


Perspective plays a major role in our day to day life. How we look at things matters the most, if we look at things from a different perspective, then we can be a lot happier because if we look at things from the negative perspective then we will also start thinking in negative ways which will affect our mental health, instead if we look at the things from other person’s perspective or in a positive way then we will surely be a lot happier than before and also we will not misjudge that individual.

Following passion

I hope most of you have watched 3 idiots film, if not then I will recommend you to watch that movie because that movie teaches us the value of following our passion. Instead of looking at the job which pays you a better salary rather than your passion then it will be no fun for you, just earning a high amount of salary will only give you materialistic happiness which will be of no use in the long run. If we chase our passion regardless of high paying jobs, we will be a lot happier because it won’t feel like work rather it will be fun doing that task which you love the most to do. Which will boost your mood and make you happier than most of the Individuals who followed money over passion.

Focusing on simple things

Most of us want a materialistic lifestyle and we work hard to make our dream come true. It’s not a wrong decision, everyone has their own choices and goals but while we are away for work we leave behind our quality time with our family, friends and other things in home which make our mind divert from day to day hustle and bustle. If we notice our grandmother or grandfather always enjoy simple things from life like spending time with their sons or grandsons, walking in the park with their spouse or family. They tend to be happier than us because they focus more on simple things like spending time with family and friends, rather than materialistic things.


This is the major cause of unhappiness, nowadays people expect a lot more from other Individuals which eventually ends in hurting someone’s feelings unintentionally. When we get attached to someone, we automatically raise our expectations from that Individual and unintentionally when that person couldn’t fulfil his or her expectation that eventually ends up hurting that person’s feelings. So, instead of expecting from other people we should focus on our work and don’t expect anything from anyone.


This is also one of the causes of unhappiness, we always compare ourselves with others whether it be in terms of marks, posts, money or status. Rather than we should focus on ourselves and rectifying our own mistakes instead of pointing them out to other people. If we just focus on improving on ourselves then surely what others do won’t bother us and we will become a lot better than other people. This will surely lead to satisfaction with ourselves and make us happier.