Unlike most, I did not grow up watching Star Wars. I was not a part of this cultural phenomenon and yet from the opening scene to the end of the movie I was able to recognize each and every character without a single strand of doubt. I felt like I have seen most of the scenes from this movie, though this is my first time watching it, from countless remakes and parodies. This truly encapsulates just how much of an impact that this one movie has on pop culture and movies releasing decades later.

It is hard to believe that this movie was released more than four decades ago. First of all, I must commend this movie on its technical achievements and the strides this movie makes. As an advent supporter of practical effects over CGI, I was pleasantly surprised that a George Lukas film had this amount of practical effects. The movie in turn ages very well apart from the few CGI that was added later to the special edition. The Space scenes and all the space shuttles were very much reminiscent of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The movie just throws us into this whole new universe with little explanation or context. Normally this would be a bad thing for a movie as it may sometimes inundate you, but this film does it in such a purposeful and delicate matter. I believe that a good movie is not one that makes its audience listen to the movie’s expository dialogue because they have to, instead because they want to. It tells you just enough that you fully understand what is going on in the particular scene but at the same time, the movie holds back certain information. So you know that there is, in fact, more to the particular subject in the matter this, in turn, makes us as an audience hungry for information.

The score by John Williams is of course a masterpiece and will be evergreen. I find myself humming to the theme as I write this review! The sound design for this movie is, however, not so flawless, with certain objects feeling a bit off and the actors’ voices sounding different in the same scene.

This overall was a very enjoyable movie. Once again I must applaud the technical achievements of this movie complimented well by its riveting plot and unforgettable characters.

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