Everything has changed over a short period of time,with the rise and spread of corona virus known as covid -19,things will never be same again. In this pandemic lockdown, we all required to stay at home to keep ourselves as well as others safe. As result classrooms and offices transformed into an online classroom. It might have become very challenging for few to cope up with the situation. Give yourself some a break from reading the depressing news and keep yourself busy with some work or you can also go for your dream.

       Despite from all these depressive news lockdown brings a blessing for some people. Some got chance to spend more time with their parents and children.finally people realized health comes first. Some are opting their hobbies as a carrier.

     So here we are discussing about few tips to utilize time during unfavorable situation. these tips are not only the solution to handle situation but definitely they are the smart ways to utilize the time industriously.

  • Learn a language- well it is an opportunity to learn a new language. Here I am not going  to suggest you to become fluent in a new language by the time the lockdown finishes but learning the basic of a new language can be productive as well as fun.it is a way to pass your time.
  • Organize notes- this might e not very thrilling way to pass the time yet finally it is the time to organize the all those loose its of reading material and lecture notes which are floating around the room.
  • Indulge in gardening- time can e utilized in growing plants during this pandemic. try to grow some oxygen plant like palm, mother in laws tong plant and so on. You can also grow some herbs like mint, basil, azadirachta indica(neem), giloy. These plant will prevent from disease also. Since fresh vegetables might be scare during the lockdown, you can also grow vegetables at home and get organic supply without spending money and going out.
  • Go for good books- for those who love reading and don’t get enough time because of work. Well this is the best time to utilize your time. Try to read a history book. why not give a psychology textbook a whirl?
  • Do an at-home workout-  even if you are very active before, it is difficult to make yourself fit because during this time we are unable to go out. There are so many online workout tutorials for all levels.and yeah if you are a gym person,it is worth checking if your gym is offering online classes. There is one more thing you can do is a meditation.it helps you to reduce your stress also keep you healthy.
  • Go for your hobby- you can learn guitar, start dancing ,create your own music.try your hand at painting,sketching, photography, paper cutting.choosing any of creative activity will grant you peace of mind and it is a complete justice with your free time.

     Its easy to lose your hopes and broods over the negative side effect of any event ,especially when as a community we are battling a global pandemic. For every low there is a high and it’s true even this current scenario has a silver lining to it. so let us look forward and focus on a brighter side for all we have through this unfavorable time.

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