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Independence Day is around the corner and every one of us will start going in the feel of it, some of us just won’t even notice and will treat this day as another one of the holidays, or wait does every one of us think of it as just a holiday only? 

If you are here again lighting the spirit for mother India then proceed further to be in love with our Motherland once and for all this time.

Our Ever-changing Life:

In today’s life to carry on with the rapidly changing world, it has become tough to be in check with our emotions, feeling, and even our patriotism is suffering in some way or another.

Some of our younger generations are nowadays even unaware about why and what our heroes of the past did to ensure that we all could be here today like this me writing the article and some of you reading it.

It could not be just their fault to not know these as we only teaching them that it’s a holiday rather than our festival to celebrate our long thrived victory.

Yes, being in a fast-changing world we all need to be fast enough to be in pace with it but we need to pass down stories of our heroes and the importance of their deep patriotism.

We all need to relive our independence day and keep it alive through our passion and respect for our mother India.

We need to once again thrive to keep their dream of us being free of clutches of today’s tech-driven world.

Never Forget This Precious Gift:

Imagine you are in a time where everywhere, there are people to drag us down every time any of us tried to be not dependent on them, they are much practical with the technology changing.

Even if you work hard to gain a position equal to them we still are being dragged down or out of the equation because they thought they will be our god. After all, they decided to control our lives because, we let them take every bit of us even our values, principles, teaching everything to use for their self-betterment.

Now, whatever you imagined, could you feel the feeling of unfairness, the feeling of anger, it is the same our freedom fighters endured for years, fought for years but it’s never easy to remove a blood-sucking leech but they never gave up on this precious dream and kept on fighting to every odd out there and at last gifted us this.

So don’t forget it never, where we are today is just because they decided not to be selfish and fought for each of us, and even today people are fighting just for us to sleep peacefully and grow each day. 

No, not saying to chant their name every morning or anything like that but just keep remembering them from time to time to thank them for their sacrifices. This present is the future they bet their lives on.

So, this independence day thank them more than the previous year, and let’s together try to free ourselves from clutches of our minds, and take pride in our self, and our motherland.

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