Work From Home During Pandemic

‘The New Normal’, normal is a routine but changing routine is no easy job, right? Adapting has always being mankind ritual. Humans were introduced to the pandemic: due to novel corona virus.The entire globe has to undergo lockdown; which hampered the country’s economy. How the time changed drastically, even the human innovation and industrialization were crippled by
nature’s rage. People had to trap themselves into their homes like they did to the animals. People became jobless, the unemployment rate started to increase that’s when the work from home started emerging. People had mixed emotions as they had to change their way of earning
also happy that they were no more unemployed. ‘Work from home’ became the new household name. Many companies started to adapt to the web networking to keep the company running.Work from home can also termed as remote work as it can be done from whatever place a
person is. There are two types of work from home: firstly fulltime work, in which a person has to devote a proper set of time to the work how it use to be in officetime.Secondly is a part time job which offers more flexibility to the person as they can negotiate with the company and cooperatively decide the working hours.

Considering the pros of work from home; people are saving time which use to go waste in travelling, people were always at rush for some or the other work. In a way this has helped
nature to heal as the pollution level has decreased exponentially. Work from home has helped people to spend more time with their families; they got some relief from their daily hectic schedule. Their life had become monotonous from which they can take out time for their recreational activities as their leisure time used to get lost in refreshing themselves. Work from home is not a bad thing as many people had acquired new skill set and are at ease at time management. Taking an example of a student point of view, it’s good to work from home. They can work with different companies, gaining work experience; this will help that person to grow as
an independent individual. The person gets a chance to try their hand in different genre.Also it provides working knowledge and valuable experience.

Like it’s said ‘Everything comes with it’s merits and demerits’ let’s look in to cons of work from home. People have become more lethargic as they have to sit in a particular place and work from their working devices, this is making a person’s brain ideal. As previously their body was confined into a monotonous cycle of schedule now their brain is pin down to the increased screen time of their devices. People had become more vulnerable to different disease which will
affect them in a long run. Humans are social animals and work from home had cut them off from their social interaction which in turn has affected the mental health of the people.Work
from home doesn’t allow a peace environment to work. Once more taking the example of students who are doing part time jobs from home. The companies has started expecting too much from a person. Like working in offices there were proper post allotted to different categories. Many companies had merged different things together and come up with one thing, suppose aperson is good at conten twriting they want them to be also good at digital marketing, video editing, SEO and many more. So this in turns reduces opportunities for a person who is well versed in one particular thing. In this term work from home is not a good thing as they have to shift from one skills to others for job work. Sometimes they have to edit their content a lot or make changes at end time which in turn becomes a tidueous task. This creates imbalance in their work and personal life, but the companies had become understanding and lenient to give
leaves in problematic circumstances.

People can utilize this time to make them more concentrated towards their work as well as
personal life afterall it’s up to us how we tackle the situation looking at the dull and boring side or the bright side. In conclusion work from home should be encouraged as it has more advantages than disadvantage.

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