3 Tips for Life

Aren’t we all looking for the mantras for success, the advice that will change our lives for the better? That will undoubtedly bring you success and big achievements to your life. If not, at least help you or guide you on your path towards self development and growth.


to take part in or become involved in an activity

In any period of your life, be it childhood, adolescence or your professional days, there will be one thing that is very much required of you. To Participate. It is the very base of anything. Because starting with this, you will get the opportunity to improve and achieve those accomplishments that you want.

It is scary no doubt, jumping in any thing that comes your way. But you have already been doing it for years, why stop now? Now that you might be having some doubts and preconceptions about yourself. It is the first step that one has to take to grow.

After you have taken part in some thing, could be an event, an activity or anything really. You have crossed that initial stage. Now that you are here, you should use the next skill that we have inbuilt in us.


“to see or notice somebody/something”

Start looking around you and notice the details, the way something is being done. The more you observe, the more easily you can adapt. To become more flexible, so that you are comfortable in any environment and can adapt to it easily.

Since early childhood, we observe and learn the habits, languages etc. Using the same, we can quickly become a part of any activity or group.


“the careful examination of your own thoughts, feelings and reasons for behaving in a particular way “

Above all, the most important thing is to be introspective. To examine our own thoughts and behaviour. It helps in organising ourselves to put forth our best efforts in anything that we partake in.

Using hindsight, we can realize the errors of our ways and learn and work on it. It gives us a good chance of improving ourselves.

It is not out of your reach. It all depends on your perspective. Take your time, be it a few days or weeks. Work and remember your purpose. Failure is a harsh teacher, but what it teaches remains with us our whole life. There is always scope for betterment. We just have to see the bright side and keep hustling.

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