Lesser known heritage sites of India

India is a land of richness which is evident by the heritage monuments all over the country. Places like Taj Mahal, Lal Kila and Jama Masjid are well known all over the country as well as the world but there are many rare heritage sites which are lesser known and needs to be explored.

Here are a few of those sites which could be explored any time of the year.

Undavalli Caves – Andhra Pradesh

With such rich heritage, these are bound to be 100s of years of buried civilization in our rocks which frequently emerge out as caves and become a significant door to the past. One of such unexplored historical places in India is the Undavalli Caves in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. The Undavalli Caves are one of the best examples of Indian rock-cut architecture. The caves are best known as the ‘four-story cave’ and have a huge recreated statues of Vishnu

Rani ki Vav – Gujarat

This world heritage site recognized widely by the world but not by the history travelers of India yet, was built by a widowed queen in memory of her husband. Yes, Taj Mahal is not the only monument symbolizing love in the country. The place is filled with secret tunnels and caves in the fort itself. The steps in this inverted pyramid-shaped structure take you 27m below the ground level and make you feel eerie of the surroundings you find yourself. The sculptures and painting on the walls are of different gods and goddesses. Personally, this place is one of the most remarkable and Unexplored Historical Places In India that one must witness.

Lonar Crater Lake – Maharashtra

This small meteor lake is surrounded by numerous ancient temples and monuments which are as old as the 6th century in Maharashtra. It is a surprise that this magnificent place is still of the unexplored historical places in India. It is a common Hollywood and local movie spot and the beauty of the place is unbeatable. It does not doubt that the beauty of the place is incomparable to any else. This lake is located 140 km away from Aurangabad.

Arvalem Rock caves – Goa

Beaches, parties, drinks, and dance is what defines Goa. Hardly anyone visits Goa for its historical significance. But, if you are one of those travelers then you are in for a luck because one such unexplored historical places in India is in Goa itself known as the Arvalem Rock Cut. The place is also known as the Pandavas Caves and these caves are 36Km away from the capital Panaji and are built around Buddhist architecture.

Chand Bawdi – Rajasthan

A masterpiece of Civil Engineering the Chand Bawdi is a 13 story well built between 800 and 900 AD. Yes, We said a well! But what’s so special about it? It is a stunning piece of historical marvel because of its lovely architecture that is made of porous volcanic stones which are 5 to 6 degrees cooler than the outside atmosphere, making it less susceptible to the heat of this region. A true piece of genius this is one of the unexplored historical places in India that one must witness once in a lifetime.

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