The Disciplinarian of Heights: Gratification

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Every one of us has dreams but why only some of us can seek the gratification out of it and some of us are still driving the nails of determination with the same old pace?

Dreaming when you are sleeping is much easy than dreaming with open eyes because what it takes is the height of discipline that you need to implement to get the sweet fruit of gratification.

The discipline of mind and body to do something you don’t want to do makes us different from the ones who all are just dreaming and thinking but not implementing it.

Motivation is body but discipline is the soul:

Most of us think that what we are lacking is just the motivation or the drive to keep the fire going but we also are lacking the discipline it takes.

Just taking the recent inspiration of Sir Neeraj Chopra and how he just believed in himself but not before disciplining his body and working on his inner core to bring the strength it will take to achieve something remarkable, something that will change everything afterward for him and even for the people around him.

So what should we pinpoint from this is that motivation is the body and every day we need to clean our body for the impurity it also takes from the surrounding so just like that we need to renew our motivation every day and also take the lead from the soul of discipline to march forward.

The bridge between what you want now or what you want most:

Choosing between what one wants right now and what one wants for the future might look like the easiest decision but rather it will take every bit of the energy to control your moment’s happiness for the bigger reward to come.

The power of discipline can be felt when someone else imposes a rule on us then we either follow half-heartedly or just don’t follow at all but when we self impose those rules and abide by them then that will change it into empowerment.

Consistency of action or just the smart work?

We have often heard to do smart work rather than hard work right? But can only smart work surpass every odd in your path?

No, doing smart work is needed yes, but the consistency of any work is what sets us high either it’s smart to work or hard work or both work.

The combination of discipline and consistent work is also the key to have self-confidence that is strong and can never waiver once set with determination.

Disciplined ones are free:

The peep who are not disciplined are the ones who are bounded with the swing of their mood, with the changing of their environment and surrounding but the one who is disciplined enough will never back down until his wish is the life he is living.

The way from the desire to maturing it into delight is the pavement of dedication and discipline.

So respect yourself enough to let yourself be free and dedicate your whole self to achieve the remarkable, trust me you will get more gratification than you are getting right now.

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