About the book

The Notebook is a 1996 romantic novel by American novelist Nicholas Sparks. The novel was later adapted into a popular film of the same name, in 2004.

“The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks was about the life of Noah and Allie and where they first meet in their hometown. They’re both only in their teens at this point, but they’ve already madly fallen in love with each other. However, her parents are rich snobs who don’t see anything good about Noah and force them to break up. Her parents don’t see anything but young love from this relationship. After the two go their separate ways, Allie becomes engaged, while Noah is still trying to find a way to get back Allie. When Allie comes back to see Noah, will they find their way back together? Are their feelings gone? The themes that showed through in the book were love and definitely withstanding love and it really is a must read.

Main Characters

Noah Calhoun Initial narrator and protagonist; Noah falls in love with Allie the summer after graduating from high school, and even though they go their separate ways, he never stops loving her. When she unexpectedly re-enters his life, he discovers she is engaged. Although he longs for Allie to stay and tells her that, he knows that loving someone sometimes means letting them go.

Allison Nelson (Allie) As a young woman she falls in love with Noah, a boy beneath her family’s social class; when Allie per chance sees a newspaper article about Noah restoring a house, she needs to return to see her summer love, even though she is engaged to another. Allie falls in love all over again and then must make a decision between the two men that she loves, and although she does not want to hurt either one, inevitably, she will.

Lon Hammond, Jr. Allie’s fiancé; Lon is a good lawyer from a good family who will provide a good life for Allie. When he realizes that Allie is seeking out Noah, he drops everything to be with her, demonstrating for the first time that he is able to put her ahead of his career.


The story began with the introduction of the male main character, Noah Calhoun,who was living in a nursing home at the age of eighty. Every morning, he reads to an old
woman, who often doesn’t remember him, the same notebook which contains the story of an everlasting love.

Then the readers were invited to live back in the early days when young Noah met a young energetic beautiful girl, Allie Nelson, in North Carolina. He started to fall for this girl from the very first sight. They spent summer perfectly together.
Noah took Allie to a house built in 1772 and told her how he has always dreamed of
buying and eventually fixing it someday. This couple was truly deeply in love.

Unfortunately, Allie’s parents can’t feel the love that their daughter has. Noah and
Allie were torn apart due to the difference classes they come from. Nelsons is a wealthy
and highly regarded family while Calhouns is such a poor and unfortunate. Noah started to write to Allie everyday for an entire year but none was replied. At last, he decided to write one last letter and to move on with his life. Soon after that, he went to take a part in World War II. After fourteen years of extensive separation, the lovers were reunited with an unbreakable bond of true love. However, things are not the same anymore. Allie is now engaged to a decent lawyer, Lon, and Noah has already back from the war. Noah successfully restored his dream plantation house to its glory and made it published along with his picture in newspaper. Allie who was having a wedding preparation took by surprise seeing Noah’s with his dream house on an article. She decided that she had to see him again. She lied to his fiancé about her trip to North Carolina and said that she looked for antiques. Allie has finally showed up at Noah’s doorstep. They spent some time together and they wind falling back in love.

Her mother showed up at the house and had a discussion with her. Allie is left with a huge decision, stay with her fiancé or leave him for Noah. She made up her mind after reading all of the letters her mother had kept from her years ago. She showed up at Noah’s house and chose him.
However, the story does not end here. Decades having passed, the elderly Allie is
now severely struck by Alzheimer’s disease. Although Noah is not in the best shape
himself, he keeps on reading a notebook to Allie every day which records the story of their romance, hoping to bring back her memory.


The notebook was such a memorable book, from the plot, ending, characters. It was just so beautiful to see a real life fairy tale unwind. For every chapter you read, you get more and more interested in the book and Nicholas Sparks does an amazing job of adding that tiny bit of drama, yet not making it too dramatic. It was one of the best books that I’ve ever read and even though it was a bit mature for my age, I felt like the love was the most important part and theme throughout this entire story. I wouldn’t hold back on recommending the book to anyone.

You must get this book! My heart melted while reading it. You can feel the emotions and I frankly have yet to find an actual book that can communicate feelings as vividly as Nicholas Sparks had. The way Nicholas Sparks writes is like an exact romantic and I love love. I felt like this book might have toyed with your emotions just a little bit, but it was okay because it was actually enjoyable. The themes of happiness, sadness, love, and faith really do come to show with the fate of these characters. I would recommend this to anyone 13 or older, but there are some mature scenes.