” Every ton of mixed paper recycle can save the energy equivalent of 185 gallons of gasoline ”


Meaning of biodegradable waste

Biodegradable waste is any product that can be easily broken down naturally by water,oxygen, the sun rays, radiation or microorganisms. In this process ,organic matter are broken down into simple organic molecules. The matter is decomposed and will return to the soil.

Usage of biodegradable waste

Fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants, animals, dry leaves, tea leaves, water, paper and etc…. are examples for biodegradable waste. They can transform into simpler units and then we use them as fertilizer, manure, compost, biogas, and etc…..

Prevent biodegradable waste

♧ Shop eco-friendly with reusable bags.

♧ Ditch disposable in the kitchen.

♧ Say no to disposable water bottles and coffee cups.

♧Reduce food waste.

♧ Dispose of e-waste responsibly.

♧ Choose paperless billing.

Advantage of biodegradable waste

The manufacture of biodegradable plastics results in far less environmental pollution when compared to plastics made from petroleum. When biodegradable plastics break down, they do so into harmless, non toxic elements

Is egg shell biodegradable?

Yes,the egg shells are biodegradable. Since they are natural and it decompose after three years under ground.

” we don’t need a

handful of people doing

zero waste perfectly.

We need millions of people

doing it imperfectly ”


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