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Were you ever in a mess you thought you’d never get out? Were you in a situation when you didn’t know what & how to do something? Were you ever in a situation where you didn’t know what you are doing? I think every human has undergone such situations. At that time, it is the era of CONFUSION. It strikes as swiftly as a lightning and leaves a  long term effect.

According to the actual definition: confusion is the state of not being able to think clearly or not understanding something. To state it in medical terms, it is a kind of disorder too, specifically mental confusion.

Damm true.

A little bit of confusion is quite normal. It’s a part of our day to day life. It’s now a normal lifestyle.

Frequently, confusion leads to the loss of ability to recognize people and or places, or tell time and the date. Feelings of disorientation are common in confusion, and decision-making ability is impaired.

Confusion may arise suddenly or develop gradually over time. Confusion has multiple causes, including injuries, medical conditions, medications, environmental factors, and substance abuse.It can also be caused by alcohol or drug intoxication, sleep disorders, chemical or electrolyte imbalances, vitamin deficiencies, or medications. It can also occur in the period following a seizure or as a result of hypothermia.

Before it gets too serious let me tell you something. The state of being confused is quite common. You may be confused at what time to wake up, what time to sleep, you must be confused with what type of food you should eat, or which dress to wear, confused over the mode of transportation you take or what kinds of friends you make, which restaurant to choose or maybe more.


The situations to get confused come quite often and the way to tackle them is also confusing. People give so many random remedies to tackle with this, that we actually are confused on which remedy should we actually work on. A bit confusion is quite common but if this exceeds the limit then it may indicate some underlying issues. If you are getting confused more often and with that are many more symptoms then you must surely check that your health is ok & not getting affected by it.

You might be wondering what actually she is writing. Speaking of the truth,(actually, writing about the truth)  even I am confused. I don’t know what to write, when to write it and how to write everyday. It’s just so difficult to choose a topic like when you get an interesting one you start writing and suddenly you tumble upon and other more interesting topic and get confused with those two and end up writing something else.

Just you keep a time or like make a schedule for your everyday life and end up not following it even for a single day. And the routine of not following the schedule becomes your lifestyle. Is just so confusing that our thoughts do not actually rule over our actions. We are confused to wheather listen to our heart or our mind.

If you are not confused, you are not paying attention.

Tom Peters

When it comes to the topic of academics, confusion is all over it. To give a few specific examples let me consider subjects. Which subject to study to first, when to actually start studying, how to study, how to cope up with the syllabus, what is an ideal time to study, do we have to make a study routine & should we follow it, which is our favourite subject, how much time does this subject take to just slide into my memory, will we remember what we studied, will we be able to present it well, what if we go blank at the wrong moment, and so many more questions in our mind. I wonder how does a mind actually remember those questions, when it cannot remember what we have studied.

Our mind remembers the incident when we stumble on a few of the greatest humiliating events or the events when we got extremely confused and many more but it cannot remember what we studied, in the exam hall! It’s like the mind itself gets confused on what it should actually think/ remember and we get confused thinking what our mind is thinking and both confusions get clashed at each other and then we go all blank. It not only happens in exam hall but it happens in so many day to day situations.

I think our life is a simple confused mess. The more we think about the these topics the more confused we get. It’s like the new genre  of confusion is just being opened to us. Confusion makes us smile, it makes us laugh, sometimes get humiliated, sometimes frustrated, it’s now a part of life we should all accept and move on.

If you are sure you understand everything that is going on, you are hopelessly confused.

Walter F Mandale

It’s just so stressful that we can not actually find the root cause for getting confused and if you go on thinking about the confusion and its occurrence and its behaviour it gets a lot and lot more stressful. If we find a person who is not at all confused I think that person is pretty scary.

Actually deep down I am still confused about what I am writing. I hope a few of you can understand what my confusion is what actually mean to write. Because we all are connected through this confusion string. For now I’ll take a leave.

And Thanks.😇

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