Elated: The Rainbow

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Everybody out there despite any age or gender likes to look at the colorful, mesmerizing yet far away bridge of the raindrops, Yes, I am talking about the rainbow. That same rainbow swoons us because it promises magic in it from mother nature. The elated feeling it gives us just stops us on our track whenever we witness this magic, that’s how beautiful a rainbow is.

Rainbow is made up of an old English word “renboga”, which means the bending of the rain or in our terms the bending of a ray of light while meeting with the rain droplet or water and creating that beautiful convergence.

Now, to be more surprised and astonished by its candy colors and to know beyond just that here I am mentioning few facts about it which I can promise will leave you in awe with it.

The history holds: Greek Mythology

In ancient Greece, there was a goddess named Iris who is believed to be the personification of Rainbow and she was the one communicating between the mortals and immortals as a messenger. It can also be interpreted as the pathway from the immortal world to the mortal world.

In many other mythologies, the rainbow is also connected with the supreme feminine divine power to ensure the start of new life or offspring when witnessed. The Egyptians connected it with the great pyramids as it makes an equal degree of the slope with the pyramid’s slope. 

The common thing in every interpretation or myth is that they all connected it to something supreme, holy, and divine.

A different turn on the rainbow: Illusion

Though the rainbow is the symbol of hope, wisdom, and happiness yet in a way they are just optical illusions caused by our very own eyes because we are seeing it in relatively different positions to where it is happening.

So, does it mean they are at last just the illusion and just like every illusion we are witnessing it because we talk about it, we think about it and we define it too?

Yes, it’s an optical phenomenon which is why no two person defines it the same as it changes with culture or definition people abide with.

The place between two rainbows: The Alexander Band

As we have heard about one rainbow but some times the bending of light takes place two times in a row creating a double rainbow and as the light is being bent away the space between the two rainbows is dark and this was first discovered by Alexander in 200A.D.

To look for Unicorns: Moonbow

Long before reaching this point of the article we have seen that a rainbow can appear as long as the water and light can meet and create the illusion but do you know that even in the darkest of the night with the help of light from the moon there can be a moonbow too.

A moonbow, something which our eyes will configure as just the ray of white light only but it is the bow formed by the light of the moon. It’s rare but when it happens it can win you over again and again.

And don’t forget to look for unicorns.

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