Kargil Diwas

Kargil day is celebrated to remember our Indian soldiers who gave his sacrifice on kargil war. It is celebrated on 26 July every year.

Kargil war was held on 1999 when the Pakistan soldiers and Kasmeer terrorists was seen in the everest of kargil.

Indian soldiers

T ReIndian army learned that Pakistan soldiers are planning a war against the India in 1998. Then Indian army started planning against the Pakistani soldiers for his nation. It is a secret mission against the Pakistan. Few Indian soldiers are send at the place of war. This mission is called vijay operation.

In this operation many Indian soldiers die for the nation. On this day every year, the Prime Minister pays his tributes to the armed forces at the ‘eternal flame’, Amar Jawan Jyoti, at India Gate in Delhi. Celebrations are also conducted in the Kargil sector and elsewhere across the country to commemorate the contributions of the Indian Army.

We always remember our soldiers who fits always for the country they never thought about her life. Without thinking about her life they are ready in any situation. Her first priority is national. We are proud on her. Her name never die only body is die. The name of that soldier are always taken by the Indian. Every person have proud that he or she live in such a nation where this type of soldiers are born.

Proud on nation

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