Martha’s Vineyard Beaches

Martha’s Vineyard is an island located South of Cap Cod in Massachusetts in United States. Also popularly known as “Summer coloney”,the vineyards can be accessed through waterways or airways. Being bored by the monotonous life schedule, one can take a Trip to the beautiful Martha’s Vineyard beaches. It has many things to offer. There are many engaging beaches. A promised land for beach
lovers who can soak themselves in the alluring waters. There are variety of beaches for all age groups, it offers adventurous activities and many more other things. Few beaches of Martha’s Vineyard;

.South Beach
Located at Katama Road, Edgartown. It is one of the most beloved beaches, it’s a public beach and free for the people. It is a barrier beaches and popular among youngsters for surfing. One can also lay on the
warn sand enjoy the vibrant of the sea.

.Menemsha Hills
Located in the town of Chilmark,it is a nature reserve owned by the Trustee of Reservation. It’s has a rocky coastal line one can walk up to the second highest point on Martha’s Vineyard and see the striking view of the surrounding.

.Lambert’s Cove Beach
Located off Lambert’s Cove Road , situated in a a Cove off vineyard. It is known for its beauty and one can sense the vibes of Caribbean beaches. During summer it’s restricted to town residents only. This beach is stunning.

.Lobsterville Beach
Located at Lobsterville Road. It is a less crowded public beach which is extremely calming and relaxing. It’s good for family as the waters are calm. It is a popular place for fishing as well as bird watching.

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