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Long-bearded face, deep eyes, and a strong voice pitched person who was a scholar, philosopher, rebellious enlightened, thinker, and broken the thousands of the social myth. He was rich in a great analytical mind and logical thought. There are more than 650 Osho Books available on the based-on trance script of his speech and he has never changed or altered his speech on any subject. Indeed, he is not alive today, but I have never seen or listened to such a person on the earth who is so true and logical.

This man is Chandra Mohan Jain. Also known by Acharya Rajnish but popularly people used to say OSHO.

We will read his excellent thought as Osho Quotes and will try to reveal the fact of his life. As he said some commandments that are

(i) Love is prayer.
(ii) Life is now and here. 
(iii) Die every moment to find as new in yourself.
(iv) The truth lies in you, do not go anywhere to find.
(v) You should not obey others’ commands unless they belong to you.
(vi) Life is itself, god, there is no separate instance of God in the universe.

Who is Osho?

Chandra Mohan Jain alias Osho was born in Madhya Pradesh, India on 11th December 1931. He was the eldest son of Babulal Jain and Saraswati Jain. His parent was a cloth merchant and they are a follower of Jainism. He grew up with a maternal grandparent until 7 years and then he returned to his parent. Since childhood he was rebellious, but he was a bright student at the school. At the age of twenty years, he got admission to Hitkarini College, but he had been transferred to DNJ College, Jabalpur because of a dispute with the professor on subjective content. Again, he was expelled from class and barred to attend classes except for the examination.

He started work in a newspaper in Jabalpur as part-time and attending public speaking platform where he narrated the speech. Now people have started showing interest in his speech because of his logical thought and his way of philosophy. He did an MA in philosophy with high marks. Post education he started work at the college as a professor, but he was expelled from his job due to his controversial speech.

Now he moved to Mumbai and he presented Dynamic Meditation in 1970 and in the same year he introduced his first disciples.

He was banned from many countries to enter. Even his own country’s people were against him due to his bad image was created by the media house on some controversial topic said by Osho. He was also expelled from the US government and put behind a bar for many days.

He came back from the USA to India and settled in Pune ashram and started his work here in Osho International Foundation till his death in 1990.

Just a few days back Osho documentary Netflix was shown on online tv which based on OSHO Life Quotes and Osho active meditation techniques. This was a 5 or 6 series episode program was created by Netflix. The documentary’s name is Wild Wild Country.

Osho Quotes

Be realistic: Plan for a miracle.” — Osho
Respect yourself, love yourself because there has never been a person like you and there never will be again.” — Osho
“You are living in one of the most alive times ever.” — Osho
“If your heart says to take the jump, then take the jump, then risk, then be adventurous.” — Osho
“Don’t say this is good and that is bad. Drop all discrimination. Accept everything as it is.” — Osho

“The moment you accept yourself, you become beautiful.

“The mind a beautiful servant, a dangerous master.”

“Truth is not something outside to be discovered, it is something inside to be realized.” 

“Truth is not a theory. Truth is not a word. Truth is an experience – an experience of one’s own infinite depths. To become one with “that which is” is the truth.” 

Osho Quotes on Meditation

“Meditation will give you a little glimpse, a little taste, that the truth is inside you.”

“If you can laugh totally, it will give you a moment of no-time, no-min. Mind lives logically with expectations, laughter is something that comes from the beyond.”

“I am not a teacher, and this is not a place where knowledge is important. I am just a presence to inspire in you that which is dormant, to allow you to recognize yourself.”

“I say to you: light the lamp of independent thinking. Don’t become a slave to anyone by accepting his thoughts. Truth belongs to those who are their own master.”

“Once you let go nothing dies, only the ego. You remain for ever and ever.”

Remember, all great values are killed the moment you cling to them. And no great value can be imitated. 

A truth cannot be read in scripture. truth has to be lived only in the innermost temple of your being. 

Whenever you act according to your own light, there is immense fulfillment, a deep rejoicing. 

The moment you become innocent, you have found a direct line to the divine. Your heartbeat synchronizes with the heartbeat of the universe.

Wherever you will look, you will only find human beings. Nowhere will you find humanity. 

If you start listening to the body, listening to nature, listening to your inner being, you will be more and happier. 

Any religion, any ideology, that is based only on belief, faith, is bound to cripple your intelligence. 

Every error is an opportunity to learn. Just do not commit the same mistake again and again-that is stupidity. 

Osho Quotes on Life

Life is not a means to some end somewhere in the future. Life is its own end, it’s own means. Life is all. 

Respect your life. Out of that respect, you will start respecting life in others. 

Life has to be a joy, a dance, a celebration. & when death comes, it has to b welcomed with silence, with serenity. This is a way to kill death itself. 

Life is a mirror, it reflects your face. Be friendly, and all of life will reflect friendliness.

I am here to seduce you into a love of life; to help you to become a little more poetic; to help you die to the mundane and to the ordinary so that the extraordinary explodes in your life. 

Life is not a tragedy, it is a comedy. To be alive means to have a sense of humor.

Take life easily, lovingly, playfully, non-seriously… Seriousness is a disease, the greatest disease of the soul.

Osho Quotes on Love

“If you love a flower, don’t pick it up.
Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love.
So if you love a flower let it be.
Love is not about possession.
Love is about appreciation.”

Love is a state of being; it has nothing to do with anybody else. One is not in love, one is love. 

Love can never possess. Love is giving freedom to the other. Love is an unconditional gift, it is not a bargain. 

Love makes you wise but never knew. Knowledge makes you cunning and clever but never loving. 

“Love, and the earth becomes a paradise again.” 

Love is just like a breeze: it comes, but you should not close your doors to keep the breeze inside. 

I have been teaching you nothing else except to be more alive, more loving, more singing, more dancing. 

Trust is the bridge between you and existence. Trust is the purest form of love, and once trust is lost, love also becomes impossible. 

Final Words:

Friends, we read above the Osho Quotes, Thoughts, and Osho Life Story. It’s inspiring and logical but the meaning is very thoughtful. Please give your comment about his quotes and tell us how these are inspiring you.

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