Safety of Women in India

Safety of women has become a major issue in India. The crime rates against women in the country have only risen to a great extent. Women are neither safe outside nor at home. Not a day goes by where one doesn’t hear of the news of a crime against women in India. In fact, one can find at least five news articles that tell us about the horrific details of the various crimes. It is extremely painful to watch the status of women’s safety in India, especially in a country where women are given the stature of goddesses.

Today, a woman’s identity is not by her husband or family, but she has built her own identity by not just limiting herself to household works but also, by walking shoulder to shoulder with men in society. India is home to 662.90 million females where women from different fields have have made the country proud. If the condition of women seems to change, then, why as a country, are we still failing to acknowledge something as big as women’s safety in our society?

With India emerging out as one of the most developing nations of the world, it still lacks to take measures regarding women’s safety. India is considered to be one of the most dangerous countries for women. Indian women are constantly live in a state of fear when they are alone on the streets or at work, or in the markets.

According to the latest NCRB report, the year 2019 saw over 4 lakh reported cases of crime against women and in that, 32,033 rapes cases, which are about 88 rape cases daily. Women reported the cases of being raped or sexually harassed not just outside but also inside their homes.

Not just feeling unsafe on roads after it gets dark, women go through a lot of different women’s rights violations. For instance, women trafficking, dowry deaths, domestic violence, child marriage, women forced to give birth to only sons, female foeticides, forced evictions and exclusions, sexual harassment at the workplace, rapes, etc. Some as basic as education which might be normal for a boy, is still a dream for many girls. These are some of the ill-happenings which are used by the male to display male superiority.

Reasons behind the Increasing Crimes Against Women In India

The first and the main problem is the patriarchal mindset, which has conditioned men to believe in their superiority. The males are always considered as more powerful than women, of which they seems to take advantage of.

A lot of rape cases remain unreported, which gives power to perpetrators to repeat violence against women. For every reported rape case, dozens of others go unreported because of fear and shame. Families fear getting their daughters’ identities published and thus choose to remain silent on such issues.

There is lack of awareness of all the crimes committed against women in society. Of all victims under 18, two out of three are between the age of 12 to 17. For girls to come out and report their problems, schools and colleges need to bring awareness about women’s safety. In India, no proper counselling is provided to grownup boys and girls. There is also the reason that our youth is not aware regarding sex-related crimes.

Legal loopholes is another reason for the increasing numbers of crime against women. Rape is a non-bailable offense in the Indian Penal Code, but people get bail due to the lack of evidence. Often accused are sheltered by policemen, politicians and even, in some cases, by lawyers. This makes the entire legal judicial process complex. It is often said, “Justice delayed is justice denied.”

Required Measures for Women Safety

In a society which serves on patriarchal mindset, our prime duty and responsibility is to teach our sons that daughters have equal positions, and she must be respected.

The women should also learn self-defence techniques like judo or karate, which they can use when times require. Furthermore, they must carry pepper spray or French knife with them to combat any undesirable situations, even though these are not solution to the problem but effective at time for safety purposes.

The government should pass some strict and binding laws to overcome crime against women. Formation of the fast track court and severe punishments for the accused, if proven guilty, is a must so that the future generations can learn from it. The law enforcers in India have to act more proactively to ensure timely justice for women.

The government has abolished the dowry system, but it still prevails in society. We can’t merely depend on the government to eradicate these social evils. The government can pass the order and enforce it by power, but still, this is the prime duty of every citizen to abide by those regulations. One can still learn about many dowry-deaths or dowry cases pending till now in the courts of justice.

The point of view towards the girl child must be changed. The time has come when girls and boys are no longer different. The girls have proven themselves equal or even better than boys in many fields, like in the Olympic games, females fetch more medals than the males. Hence, it is important that every individual must respect the dignity of women. Society should treat every individual, whether boy or girl, equally without discrimination.


As a nation, we can’t progress until women feel safe and confident, as, in modern India, women have significant role to play in the economy and society. Education has an important role in building the character of the person and helps in curbing crimes against women.

We should always remember that women are the most powerful living being. They give us birth and are highly respectful. So, working for their safety should be our first and foremost task and the government and we, as individuals, should take specific steps to protect women and motivate them to do innovative deeds in life and assist in the nourishment of the society.