Science and Technology-A boon in pandemic

“The science of today is technology of tomorrow”

~Edward Teller

Ever thought that science and technology would have become so important to us in 21st century that the people could become habitual of virtual world than the physical one? The answer to this question is no or even vice versa.

The ongoing pandemic has itself made science and technology as a ‘war without smoke’ .It has united people to overcome difficulties together and choose an online mode as a new normal therefore a way to neither get stuck at home being jobless but move ahead and earn by sitting in front of electronic devices and earn their living.

What is difference between science and technology?

Science focuses upon knowledge through experimentation and observation while technology is an applied science and all about processes. In simple words ,it means that science is a study of natural world in terms of observation while technology is all about applying it in a practical manner.

Development of science and technology in everyday life


If we discuss about the education sector the old techniques of studying through blackboard, chalk and duster have been replaced by smart class system and within the ongoing pandemic it has been replaced to mobile phones and laptops. Students can attend online classes in remote areas as well.


The essence of science and technology that is contributed to society is the foundation of new knowledge further when this knowledge is utilised successfully and deals with great issues in society. Earlier the disease which were incurable have now been cured using various instruments an medicines. For example, Cancer which caused many deaths in the past years are now cured through various medicines.


Communication too has evolved over the years. Earlier the source of communication was only through simple text messages or calls but now internet is playing a crucial role in the field of communication which has enabled whats app calls and video calls.Many such sectors too have evolved over the years which has enhanced productivity as well as suitability for the coming generation.

Application of science and technology

The following points address how science and technology is applies in our daily lives:-

  • Technology facilitates communication between co-workers and consumers
  • There are many software programs that help to achieve accuracy in financial transactions.
  • If we talk about the soaps which are used for various purposes at home are nothing but the creation of science!
  • The house in which we live in is too a product of science!

Technology has become almost a part of life.In the times of pandemic people have Almost tried to prefer online mode in all the aspects which has affected many lives it has become a new normal and one of the alternative for the a large scale businesses as well as for various sectors of economy.


~~Christian Lous Lange

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