Why & How To Stop Overthinking?

Worry is something that each and every person does but what happens when someone worries to much due to a trivial matter and why does that happen? Well, you tend to worry too much when you are over thinking or in simpler terms just thinking too much about a silly matter.

For example, if you are an overthinker, your friend not picking up your call could give rise to theories as vast as the seas and your mind may trigger you to remember any conflicts between the two of you in the past. An immediate action of an overthinker could be calling up multiple times and then texting the person asking if he/she is okay.

This seems too complicated, right? You worry too much about something that might not even be an issue. Overthinking destructs your sleep pattern making you toss and turn at night until it is already early hours in the morning when sleeping in isn’t an option you can choose. This leads to bad mood and low energy which dampens the entire day. And what is even worse is when you meet the person or face the situation you were overthinking about and understand that you lost a good sleep and a happy day because of absolutely nothing!

Why should you stop overthinking?

Overthinking increases the pain felt by the individual due to the stimuli (situation or person). Pondering over the issue makes you feel helpless and destructs your emotional stability making your hurt again and again. It is a poison that can traumatize you.

It does not help the individual to identify solutions for the issue rather it blocks out all the possible solutions and instead one is made to feel incapable.

The positivity within the person is replaced by negative energy due to anxiety, fear, anger, sorrow etc felt due to overthinking.

Overthinking successfully hides the goodness in the situation and highlights all the problems and conflicts due to the stimuli.

It successfully nurtures the insecurities and makes the person accustomed to the feeling of worthlessness.

It fills the person with thoughts about how the individual is not under control of the situation and this feeling stops the person from being prepared for the situation.

How to stop overthinking?

A distraction by doing something you enjoy is the most simple yet best way to stop overthinking. Grab some paint brushes and paint or get to cooking something tasty. Put on a music and vibe or water your plants. Talk to your friends or read a book. Do anything that can make you feel at ease.

Turn to yoga and practice meditation. This can help you be calm and keep your mind peaceful at stressful situation. A few yoga poses helps release certain hormones which triggers your mind to be cool.

Just think about your future as you envision and imagine how trivial this matter would be then. Laugh a bit on how your future self would find your current actions silly.

Take a book and write somethings you did the past week and try to find your happy moments. Reimagine the moments and rejoice in them.

Stop thinking about the problem and instead start channeling your thoughts to find the solutions for the issue.

Confront the issue! Don’t sit back and think about it. If you feel something is wrong, go to the person and apologize or else get the situation to be better.

Now, you might think that you are an overthinker after realizing that you have been in a similar situation but what you need to know is that everyone overthinks at some point of time and that is completely different from someone who cannot stop their thoughts. So overthinking should be stopped because it is self destructing but on the other hand, it is not too fatal and can be stopped with determination.

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