Benefits of learning foreign languages

In the times of globalization where everything and everyone is interconnected through advanced technologies, being proficient in more than one language provides you with ample number of opportunities. It also helps you stand out in the crowd and give you edge over the monolingual people.

Here we will discuss some of the advantages of being bilingual or multilingual.

  • Helps you connect with more people -The first and foremost benefit by far is making connections with people or meeting new people. You can get to know people from different communities who may not be as proficient in English, so if you know their mother language you can form lifelong connection. It will also help you learn more about their culture and help you in better understanding of their thought pattern and actions.
  • Improves memory power -Learning new language is sort of exercising your brain and pushing its limits. You learn new vocabulary, grammar pattern, different rule sets of a language and it automatically makes use of your memory intake. It is evidently noted that people who are keen on learning more languages also have the better ability to remember names and other facts and it helps in boosting ones problem solving skills as well as improving attention span.
  • Helps in career growth -Your resume will definitely shine brighter and stand out among other peers if your language skill set is better than theirs. Most companies nowadays have oversees clients so knowing a language one of your potential client may speak will be beneficial to you and help you scope more opportunities.
  • Decision making skills are improved -A study done by the Chicago University showed that multilingual people are better at any decision making than the monolingual people. It can be due to the fact that knowing one’s mother tongue helps you connect to them in a deeper level and hence you are able to put yourself into their position and analyze what is better for them which leads to better decisions and results at the end of the day.
  • A gift for travelers -If you are aiming to visit any European country like Germany and seem to know German beforehand then it will definitely come in handy and make your stay there much easier and enjoyable. You will also be able to communicate with the common folk on a better level than non German speaker. This holds true for any country you may visit. A lot of people across the globe still don’t know English so this may prove helpful.
  • Makes you more creative -Studies have shown that being multilingual can make you more creative. Our brain is naturally hungry for more information and as stated before can improve your decision making skills which in turn tends to make people more creative. The more you know, the better you can modify and invent to come up with something better.

So, what are you waiting for?

Nowadays colleges offer classes for foreign languages and if not then online classes are all craze to learn something new everyday. So don’t just wait around, and enroll in a new course to widen your scope. It’s an opportunity unlike any other and will be beneficial to you in long turn.

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