Felix and John were best of friends since childhood. They went to same school, had same likes and dislikes. Their parents were fond of their friendship. They both were bright students, shared their secrets with each other and always helping one another during the times of difficulties. As the time passed it shaped them into young mature adult. They went to same university, it was then when time tested their friendship. Felix was a hard-working child always working towards a better future for himself, where as John was enjoying his university life neglecting his future hanging around with his new friend group.

John had become very dull in his studies, he had lost his brilliance over the course of time. His unchecked behaviour made him more aggressive towards people . Looking into the matter his parents adviced him to leave the company of bad friends and join Felix who is a brilliant child. John envyed Felix and his hatred for Felix has crossed it’s limits and constant comparison with Felix was adding fuel to the fire.

John hatched a wicked plan to degrade Felix image and make good image of himself in his parent eyes. It was their mid semester last paper. It was before the start of the exam when he went to Felix and asked,’can you come with me, I have something important to show you?’. ‘sure, John’ replied Felix. He took Felix to the top of the block to the store room and pushed him into the room and looked it from inside.

Felix panicked ,’ open the door John! If it’s some kind of prank it’s not funny’ shouted Felix. ‘No, replied John. John was on the brink of crying his mind went numb at the moment. Then John recit his immoral plan and went away laughing. Felix was in tears he couldn’t believe his bestfriend would stoop so low to achieve his means.

Felix was yelling, shouting trying to attract some help but all went in vein. There was no one to hear his pleas. He lost his hopes to complete his paper time out ticking . His memories with John was fading in the dark mist. Suddenly he heard a sound of footsteps walking past the door, he banged hard on the door to hear his struggle. It was block cleaning staff who open the door for John , after his little escape he rushed to the examination hall and pleaded the examiner to allow him to sit for the exam.

John was watch the view from the distance and was burned in anger which was visible on his face and was cursing within. After a month the results were declared, John was successful in his cheap plan and was bouncing in joy, he scored better than Felix. He went to Felix and taunt him on his scores, in return Felix replied that he has Betrayed him and his friendship and he will never forget this.

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